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New Resources - November 2009

Call Number

A-General Works

A 13.79:SRS-14
Nondestructive estimation of leaf area for pondberry

A 93.73:78

Broadband Internet's value for rural America 
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B111 .P74 2007eb

Historical dictionary of ancient Greek philosophy [electronic resource]
Electronic B721 .B77 2007eb

Historical dictionary of medieval philosophy and theology [electronic resource]
Electronic B804 .L37 2008eb

Fifty key contemporary thinkers [electronic resource] : from structuralism to post-humanism
Electronic B819 .M53 2008eb

Historical dictionary of existentialism [electronic resource]
Electronic B850 .A43 2008eb

American philosophy [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic B1451 .M47 2008eb

Historical dictionary of Hume's philosophy [electronic resource]
Electronic B3279.H93 Z833 2008eb

Historical dictionary of Husserl's philosophy [electronic resource]
Electronic B3311 .D54 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Nietzscheanism [electronic resource]
Electronic BF31 .R53 2009eb

Psychology [electronic resource] : the key concepts
Electronic BF76.8 .B88 2007eb

50 psychology classics [electronic resource] : who we are, how we think, what we do : insight and inspiration from 50 key books

BF448 .S72 2010

Decision making and rationality in the modern world

BF575.S75 M35 2001

Guide to stress reduction
Electronic BF636.6 .R67 2008eb

Encyclopedia of counseling [electronic resource] : master review and tutorial for the National Counselor Examination, state counseling exams, and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
Electronic BF637.P36 R64 2008eb

Coaching skills [electronic resource] : a handbook

BF717 .P45 2009

The role of play in human development
Electronic BL65.H64 H63 2007eb

Homosexuality and religion [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic BL80.3 .E54 2007eb

The encyclopedia of world religions [electronic resource]

BL240.2 .G68 2002

Rocks of ages : science and religion in the fullness of life

BL313 .C28 2004

The hero with a thousand faces
Electronic BL325.A6 E27 2008eb

Fabulous creatures, mythical monsters, and animal power symbols [electronic resource] : a handbook
Electronic BL477 .L45 2008eb

Angels A to Z [electronic resource]
Electronic BL1105 .J56 2007eb

Encyclopedia of Hinduism [electronic resource]
Electronic BL2525 .H82 2007eb

An educator's classroom guide to America's religious beliefs and practices [electronic resource]
Electronic BQ128 .E53 2008eb

Encyclopedia of Buddhism [electronic resource]

BR65.S393 E6513 1996

Letter on the conversion of the Jews
Electronic BX841 .F55 2007eb

Encyclopedia of Catholicism [electronic resource]
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
Electronic CB311 .B5813 2008eb

An introduction to the ancient world [electronic resource]
D - History: General and Old World
Electronic D16.3 .H54 2009eb

History skills [electronic resource] : a student's handbook
Electronic D25 .J33 2007eb

Dictionary of battles and sieges [electronic resource] : a guide to 8,500 battles from antiquity through the twenty-first century
Electronic D295 .E53 2007eb

Encyclopedia of the age of political revolutions and new ideologies, 1760-1815 [electronic resource]
Electronic D358 .E53 2008eb

Encyclopedia of the age of imperialism, 1800-1914 [electronic resource]

D743.2 .G74 2003

Great photographs of World War II

D756.5.N6 D47 1983

Decision in Normandy

D790 .A783 2007

The stars were big and bright : the United States Army Air Forces and Texas during World War II
Electronic DA34 .P357 2008eb

Historical dictionary of the contemporary United Kingdom [electronic resource]
Electronic DA990.U46 G545 2008eb

Historical dictionary of the Northern Ireland conflict [electronic resource]

DC255.T3 A22 1891a

Memoirs of the Prince de Talleyrand
Electronic DD237 .L395 2007eb

Historical dictionary of contemporary Germany [electronic resource]
Electronic DG555 .G53 2007eb

Historical dictionary of modern Italy [electronic resource]
Electronic DH101 .H88 2007eb

Historical dictionary of the Netherlands [electronic resource]
Electronic DH511 .S73 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Belgium [electronic resource]
Electronic DK675.4 .M55 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Georgia [electronic resource]
Electronic DL1007 .M38 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Finland [electronic resource]
Electronic DP12 .S59 2009eb

Historical dictionary of Spain [electronic resource]
Electronic DQ51 .S27 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Switzerland [electronic resource]
Electronic DR1685 .C88 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina [electronic resource]
Electronic DS63.2.U5 H3472 2007eb

Historical dictionary of United States-Middle East relations [electronic resource]
Electronic DS126.5 .R38 2008eb

Historical dictionary of Israel [electronic resource]
Electronic DS316.3 .A27 2008eb

A history of modern Iran [electronic resource]
Electronic DS457 .K46 2008eb

Historical dictionary of medieval India [electronic resource]
Electronic DS524 .M56 2007eb

Historical dictionary of ancient Southeast Asia [electronic resource]
Electronic DS525.9.U6 W44 2008eb

Historical dictionary of United States-Southeast Asia relations [electronic resource]
Electronic DS777.55 .S835 2007eb

Historical dictionary of the People's Republic of China [electronic resource]

DS779.2 .C4495 2006

China rising [videorecording]
Electronic DS798.96 .C67 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Taiwan (Republic of China) [electronic resource]
Electronic DT21.5 .A76 2008eb

Historical dictionary of civil wars in Africa [electronic resource]
Electronic DT83 .B56 2008eb

Historical dictionary of ancient Egypt [electronic resource]
Electronic DT450.115 .T89 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Rwanda [electronic resource]
Electronic DU90 .D63 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Australia [electronic resource]
E - History: America

E76.6 .R43 2009

Reconfigurations of Native North America : an anthology of new perspectives
Electronic E77.S72 S66 2007eb

Chronology of American Indian history [electronic resource]
Electronic E93 .L43 2008eb

Historical dictionary of Native American movements [electronic resource]

E98.P5 K74 1999

The ecological Indian : myth and history

E99.C85 P386 1986

Quanah Parker and his people

E125.V3 F57 2002

Great cruelties have been reported : the 1544 investigation of the Coronado Expedition
Electronic E169.1 .Y595 2007eb

The Great Depression in America [electronic resource] : a cultural encyclopedia

E169.12 .M372 2008

The end of the American century

E169.12 .M669 2009

God bless America : misadventures of a big mouth Brit
Electronic E180 .A15 2007eb

The 50 states [electronic resource]
Electronic E183 .E79 2007eb

Declarations of independence [electronic resource] : encyclopedia of American autonomous and secessionist movements
Electronic E183.8.J3 V36 2007eb

Historical dictionary of United States-Japan relations [electronic resource]

E183.8.S65 D385 2009

Distorted mirrors : Americans and their relations with Russia and China in the twentieth century
Electronic E184.A1 E573 2007eb

Encyclopedia of American race riots [electronic resource]

E185.615 .B7297 2009

Racial justice in the age of Obama

E302.6.F8 C54 1983

Benjamin Franklin : a biography

E450 .P238 1998

His promised land : the autobiography of John P. Parker, former slave and conductor on the underground railroad

E457.2 .K69 2008

Vindicating Lincoln : defending the politics of our greatest president

E457.25.L55 B35 2008

Mary Todd Lincoln : a biography

E467.1.S54 C65 2005

Sheridan's lieutenants : Phil Sheridan, his generals, and the final year of the Civil War
Electronic E468 .F85 2007eb

Civil War almanac [electronic resource]

E468.9 .S97 2000

Southern invincibility : a history of the Confederate heart

E470.9 .J66 1991

The Civil War in the American West

E745.M3 J3 1970

The years of MacArthur
Electronic E806 .W96 2008eb

Historical dictionary of the Roosevelt-Truman era [electronic resource]
Electronic E835 .K37 2009eb

Historical dictionary of the Eisenhower era [electronic resource]
Electronic E840 .L355 2007eb

Historical dictionary of U.S. diplomacy since the Cold War [electronic resource]
Electronic E841 .B85 2007eb

Historical dictionary of the Kennedy-Johnson era [electronic resource]
Electronic E855 .H355 2008eb

Historical dictionary of the Nixon-Ford era [electronic resource]

E877.2 .T767 2009

The Reagan revolution : a very short introduction

E887.C55 C73 2009
Cracked but not shattered : Hillary Rodham Clinton's unsuccessful campaign for the presidency
F - History: America

F301 .M15 2008

Atlantic loyalties : Americans in Spanish West Florida, 1785-1810

F385 .W533 1993

Character certificates in the General Land Office of Texas : from the files of the General Land Office, Austin, Texas

F392.B6 M47 2004

Merchants, tradesmen and manufacturers financial condition for Bosque County, Hood County and Somervall County, Texas, 1920 : information obtained from the 1920 R.G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book

F392.B89 B8767 2008

A few good horses

F392.E7 M47 2004

Merchants, tradesmen and manufacturers financial condition for Erath County, Texas, 1920 : information obtained from the 1920 R.G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book

F392.G85 G74 2009

Slave transactions of Guadalupe County, Texas

F392.P2 B46 2007

Parker County, Texas marriages before 1875

F392.P2 P368 2008

Parker County, Texas, divorces, June 1874-February 1884 : abstracted from "District Court, civil minutes"

F392.P2 P369 2008

Parker County, Texas, probate minutes, 1874-1885

F392.P2 P37 2008

Parker County, Texas, record of wills, 1874-1916

F394.D2157 H28 1997

Dallas : a history of "Big D"

F591 .B277 1985

Heads, hides & horns : the compleat buffalo book

F594.C68 Y67 1979
Buffalo Bill : his family, friends, fame, failures, and fortunes
Electronic F786 .B74 2008eb
The borderlands [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of culture and politics on the U.S.-Mexico divide

F799 .W42 1992
The Spanish frontier in North America
Electronic F851.5 .I48 2008eb
Historical dictionary of the discovery and exploration of the Northwest Coast of America [electronic resource]

F866 .S78 1997
The dream endures : California enters the 1940s

F867 .S82 1990
Material dreams : Southern California through the 1920s
Electronic F1418 .S638 2007eb
Historical dictionary of United States-Latin American relations [electronic resource]

F2849.22.G85 V37 2006
The Che Guevara myth and the future of liberty
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Electronic G1035 .B6 2007eb

An atlas of world affairs [electronic resource]
Electronic GB5014 .G86 2008eb

Encyclopedia of disasters [electronic resource] : environmental catastrophes and human tragedies
Electronic GC9 .F28 2008eb

The Facts on File dictionary of marine science [electronic resource]
Electronic GC9 .N53 2009eb

Encyclopedia of marine science [electronic resource]
Electronic GE10 .P43 2008eb

The dictionary of environmental science and engineering [electronic resource]
Electronic GE195 .P36 2007eb

Historical dictionary of the green movement [electronic resource].
Electronic GF13 .S56 2008eb

Global environmental history [electronic resource] : 10,000 BC to AD 2000

GR110.T5 S53 1999

Texas unexplained : strange tales and mysteries from the Lone Star state
Electronic GT499 .G86 2008eb

Glamour [electronic resource] : a history

GV53 .J46 2006

Outdoor recreation in America

GV181.43 .C63 2009

Leisure programming for baby boomers

GV481 .S66 2008

The sports training revolution [videorecording]

GV706.35 .C73 2008

The use of sports to promote the American way of life during the Cold War : cultural propaganda, 1945-1963
Electronic GV706.4 .C39 2008eb

Sport and exercise psychology [electronic resource] : the key concepts

GV706.4 .M448 2007

Mental skills for competitive athletes [videorecording] : the mental game

GV706.4 .S69 2004

Sports psychology [videorecording] : the winning edge in sports

GV709.2 .D694 2009

More fun and games
H - Social Science
Electronic HB75 .R88 2007eb

Economics [electronic resource] : the key concepts

HB139 .I58 1982

Introduction to the theory and practice of econometrics
Electronic HB139 .M43 2007eb

Measurement in economics [electronic resource] : a handbook

HB139 .R37 1981

Rational expectations and econometric practice

HB139 .R37 1981

Rational expectations and econometric practice

HB172 .M62495 2007

Microeconomics in the global marketplace [videorecording]

HB172.5 .B43 1982

The rational expectations revolution in macroeconomics : theories and evidence

HB172.5 .M57 1983

A rational expectations approach to macroeconometrics : testing policy ineffectiveness and efficient-markets models

HB172.5 .S5224 1984

Rational expectations : an elementary exposition
Electronic HB2595 .O23 2008eb

Occupational outlook handbook [electronic resource]
Electronic HB2595 .T67 2008eb

Top 300 careers [electronic resource] : your complete guidebook to major jobs in every field
Electronic HB3505 .R867 2008eb

A to Z guide to American consumers [electronic resource] : quick links to free demographics

HB3717 1929 .S73 1996

Endangered dreams : the Great Depression in California

HB3722 .R54 2002

International financial contagion : theory and evidence in evolution

HB3771 .E47 2006

The empty ATM [videorecording]
Electronic HC59.7 .U4823 2008eb

World economic and social survey 2008 [electronic resource] : overcoming
Electronic HC59.7 .U55eb 2008

Development and globalization [electronic resource] : facts and figures. 2008
Electronic HC79.C6 D42 2008eb

The industrious revolution [electronic resource] : consumer behavior and the household economy, 1650 to the present

HC79.E5 D326 2009

Sustainable development and the limitation of growth : future prospects for world civilization

HC79.E5 E289 2009

Ecosee : image, rhetoric, nature
Electronic HC79.E5 R652 2008eb

Sustainable development handbook [electronic resource]

HC79.P63 B58 2005

A blueprint for change [videorecording]

HC106.83 .R63 2009

The road ahead for the Fed

HC110.C6 G56 2009

Buying power : a history of consumer activism in America

HC110.C6 M58 2008eb

American generations [electronic resource] : who they are and how they live
Electronic HC110.E5 B563 2007eb

The sustainability handbook [electronic resource] : [the complete management guide to achieving social, economic and environmental responsibility]
Electronic HD30.2 .H3642 2007eb

Handbook of information technology in organizations and electronic markets [electronic resource]

HD30.28 .T525 2001

Crafting and executing strategy : text and readings
Electronic HD31 .B7192 2007eb

The commercial manager [electronic resource] : the complete handbook for commercial directors and managers

HD57.7 .I587 2007

Intro to leadership [videorecording] : key skills to being a leader
Electronic HD58.7 .H3644 2008eb

Handbook of organizational routines [electronic resource]

HD61 .C668 2007

Core concepts in negligence and legal liability [videorecording]
Electronic HD69.P75 Y68 2007eb

The handbook of project management [electronic resource] : a practical guide to effective policies, techniques and processes
Electronic HD1365 .E83 2007eb

The complete real estate encyclopedia [electronic resource] : from AAA tenant to zoning variance and everything in between

HD2365 .A12 2006

1-800-INDIA [videorecording]
Electronic HD2741 .M37 2007eb

The company director's desktop guide [electronic resource]

HD6054.3 .C36 2009

Advice from the top : what minority women say about their career success

HD6515.E32 I59 2009

Live wire : women and brotherhood in the electrical industry
Electronic HD8064 H36 2008eb

Handbook of U.S. labor statistics 2008 [electronic resource] : employment, earnings, prices, productivity, and other labor data

HD9077.A13 D36 1986

Breaking the land : the transformation of cotton, tobacco, and rice cultures since 1880
Electronic HF1040.7 .R332 2008eb

A handbook of primary commodities in the global economy [electronic resource]
Electronic HF1379 .G725 2008eb

The handbook of international trade and finance [electronic resource] : the complete guide to risk management, international payments and currency management, bonds and guarantees, credit insurance and trade finance
Electronic HF3752.3 .H36 2007eb

Handbook of research on Asian business [electronic resource]

HF5429.2 .A33 2008

Addicted to cheap shopping? [videorecording]
Electronic HF5547.5 .S8163 2007eb

Administrative assistant's and secretary's handbook [electronic resource]
Electronic HF5548.4.M525 M384 2009eb

Microsoft Office 2007 quicksteps [electronic resource]

HF5548.8 .R574 1998

TransCompetition : moving beyond competition and collaboration

HF5549.5.T7 D366 2007eb

The training manager's desktop guide [electronic resource]
Electronic HF5621 .M658 2008eb

The essential accounting dictionary [electronic resource]

HF5845 .M67 2008

Visual merchandising : window and in-store displays for retail

HG101 .T55 2009

Financial Darwinism : create value or self-destruct in a world of risk
Electronic HG179 .L26576 2009eb

Quicken 2009 [electronic resource] : the official guide

HG226 .L58 1990

Money and capital markets : financial instruments and their uses
Electronic HG3751.5 .R46 2008eb

American credit repair [electronic resource] : everything you need to know about raising your credit score

HG4026 .I77 1987

Issues and readings in managerial finance
Electronic HG4026 .S455 2007eb

Schaum's outline of financial management [electronic resource]

HG4529.5 .D62 1994

Portfolio theory and investment management

HG6042 .C475 2002

Real options and investment valuation

HG9383 .U85 2008

Using taxes to reform health insurance : pitfalls and promises

HM621 .G75 2008

Cultures and societies in a changing world
Electronic HM851 .E555 2008eb

Encyclopedia of information ethics and security [electronic resource]

HM1211 .C76 2005

Cross-cultural communication [videorecording] : how culture affects communication

HN57 .B655 2009

Boomers : the cold-war generation grows up

HQ798 .G523 2008eb

Girl culture [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic HQ1136 .L54 2008eb

A to Z of ancient Greek and Roman women [electronic resource]

HQ1190 .E45 2009

Embodiment and agency
Electronic HQ1236.5.U6 E52 2008eb

Encyclopedia of women and American politics [electronic resource]

HQ1460.5 .F58 2009
Side dishes : Latina American women, sex, and cultural production
Electronic HT1031 .E53 2007eb

Encyclopedia of antislavery and abolition [electronic resource]
Electronic HT1322 .E63 2007eb

Encyclopedia of the middle passage [electronic resource]

HV91 .G564 2009

Billions of drops in millions of buckets : why philanthropy doesn't advance social progress

HV91 .W375 2009

The new welfare bureaucrats : entanglements of race, class, and policy reform
Electronic HV875.55 .A28 2007eb

The encyclopedia of adoption [electronic resource]
Electronic HV2475 .F36 2008eb

The American sign language phrase book [electronic resource]

HV5132 .A288 1987

Adult children of alcoholics : the invisible victims
Electronic HV6322.7 .T68 2008eb

Dictionary of genocide [electronic resource]

HV6626.2 .P79 2009

Psychological and physical aggression in couples : causes and interventions
Electronic HV6768 .E65 2007eb

Encyclopedia of white-collar crime [electronic resource]
Electronic HV6779 .C74 2008eb

Crime and punishment in the United States [electronic resource]

HV7901 .S24 2009

The SAGE dictionary of policing
Electronic HV8073 .B425 2008eb

Encyclopedia of forensic science [electronic resource]

HV8701.A45 E94 2005

The execution of Wanda Jean [videorecording]
Electronic HV9104 .E59 2007eb

Encyclopedia of juvenile violence [electronic resource]
Electronic HX17 .W36 2007eb

Historical dictionary of Marxism [electronic resource]
Electronic HX311.5 .S63 2008eb

Revolution and the people in Russia and China [electronic resource] : a comparative history
J - Political Science

JC330.15 .P824 2008

The public good : knowledge as the foundation for a democratic society
Electronic JC571 .G655 2007eb

Historical dictionary of human rights and humanitarian organizations [electronic resource]
Electronic JC596.2.U5 E53 2007eb

Encyclopedia of privacy [electronic resource]
Electronic JK1021 .D48 2007eb

Encyclopedia of the United States Congress [electronic resource]

JK1161 .R38 2009

In praise of deadlock : how partisan struggle makes better laws
Electronic JK2261 .S218 2007eb

Encyclopedia of American political parties and elections [electronic resource]

JV8190 .R969 2006

Russian-Jewish emigrants after the Cold War : perspectives from Germany, Israel, Canada, and the United States
Electronic JZ1160 .G75 2008eb

International relations [electronic resource] : the key concepts
Electronic JZ4984.5 .B395 2007eb

Historical dictionary of the United Nations [electronic resource]
Electronic JZ5588 .I5775 2008eb

International security and the United States [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia 
K - Law
Electronic KF156 .H33 2008eb

The essential law dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic KF390.P45 D829 2008eb

Law (in plain English) for doctors, dentists, and other health professionals [electronic resource]
Electronic KF3455.Z9 S74 2007eb

The employer's legal handbook [electronic resource]

KF8205 .D63 1990

Documents of United States Indian policy
Electronic KJE926.5 .J66 2008eb

A glossary of the European Union [electronic resource]
L - Education
Electronic LA212 .B295 2008eb

Battleground [electronic resource] : schools
Electronic LB15 .W54 2008eb

Philosophy of education [electronic resource] : the key concepts
Electronic LB17 .U54 2007eb

Encyclopedia of American education [electronic resource]

LB875 .W48 1967

The aims of education and other essays

LB1025.3 .D355 2008

The handbook for enhancing professional practice : using the framework for teaching in your school

LB1029.P67 P665 2004

Portfolio development and the assessment of prior learning : perspectives, models, and practices
Electronic LB1049 .W26 2008eb

The Regis study skills guide [electronic resource]

LB1050.2 .C265 2009

An analysis of the effects of the Voyager Universal Literacy System on at-risk readers

LB1062.6 .M37 2004

Building background knowledge for academic achievement : research on what works in schools

LB1103 .S6 vol. 70, no. 4

Parental support, psychological control, and behavioral control : assessing relevance across time, culture, and method
Electronic LB1576 .M35 2008eb

The primary English encyclopedia [electronic resource] : the heart of the curriculum

LB1632 .C49 2000

Reading, writing, and rising up : teaching about social justice and the power of the written word
Electronic LB2322.2 .W67 2008eb

World yearbook of education 2008 [electronic resource] : geographies of knowledge, geometries of power : framing the future of higher education

LB2341 .L247 2006

Leadership in higher education : views from the presidency

LB2341 .L269 1998

Academic leadership : a practical guide to chairing the department

LB2343.32 .G35 2003

Your college experience : strategies for success
Electronic LB2369 .R84 2007eb

A gentle guide to research methods [electronic resource]

LB2805 .J424 2008

Dynamic educational leadership teams : from mine to ours

LB2805 .O63 2006

The power of SMART goals : using goals to improve student learning

LB2822.82 .G63 2001

Lessons from exceptional school leaders
Electronic LB2844.1.S8 P74 2008eb

Substitute teaching from A to Z [electronic resource]

LC149 .K56 2010

READ : seventy strategies to support reading success

LC212.22.I8 E94 2007
The eye of the storm [videorecording]
Electronic LC213 .G425 2007eb

Gender and education [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic LC3957 .P73 2007eb

The Praeger handbook of special education [electronic resource]

LC3981 .S624 2007
The special education program administrator's handbook
M - Music and Books on Music
Electronic ML102.M88 E94 2008eb

Historical dictionary of the Broadway musical [electronic resource]

ML410.M5 M58 2008

Mendelssohn in performance
Electronic ML3479 .G85 2008eb

Icons of R&B and soul [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of the artists who revolutionized rhythm
Electronic ML3534 .S336 2008eb

Icons of rock [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of the legends who changed music forever
N - Fine Arts
Electronic N6370 .Z57 2008eb

Historical dictionary of Renaissance art [electronic resource]

N6537.S353 A4 2008

Jenny Schmid : the vistas of gender utopia
Electronic NA200 .P35 2008eb

Historical dictionary of architecture [electronic resource]

NK808 .Y686 2002

The sparkling story of coca-cola : an entertaining history including collectibles, coke lore, and calendar girls

NK8804 .F37 2006

Fashioning fabrics : contemporary textiles in fashion
P - Language and Literature
Electronic P40 .R68 2007eb

The Routledge companion to sociolinguistics [electronic resource]

P91.3 .R68 2009

Routledge handbook of applied communication research
Electronic P99.5 .N55 2008eb
Spanish in your face! [electronic resource] : the only book to match 1,001 smiles, frowns, and gestures to Spanish expressions so you can learn to live the language!
Electronic P107 .T36 2007eb

Philosophy of language A-Z [electronic resource]
Electronic P165 .R63 2008eb

Handbook of cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition [electronic resource]
Electronic P216 .C37 2008eb

A glossary of phonology [electronic resource]
Electronic PA2107 .T74 2007eb

Conversational latin for oral proficiency [electronic resource] : phrase book and dictionary, classical and neo-Latin

PA6139.M9 M9713 2008

The Vatican mythographers
Electronic PC4640 .Q295 2008eb

McGraw-Hill's Spanish student dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PC5348 .D38 2008eb

A frequency dictionary of Portuguese [electronic resource] : core vocabulary for learners
Electronic PE1115 .B46 2009eb

A guide to good business communications [electronic resource] : how to write and speak English well in every business situation
Electronic PE1319 .S63 2007eb

McGraw-Hill's essential phrasal verb dictionary [electronic resource] :[the practical guide to American English phrasal verbs]
Electronic PE1449 .S85 2008eb

A cure for the common word [electronic resource]
Electronic PE2839 .S63 2007eb

McGraw-Hill's essential American idioms dictionary [electronic resource] :[the up-to-date guide to the idioms of modern American English]
Electronic PE3721 .P323 2009eb

The Routledge dictionary of modern American slang and unconventional English [electronic resource]
Electronic PF3640 .B74 2008eb
McGraw-Hill's German student dictionary [electronic resource]

PG3366 .A6 1991

Anna Karenina
Electronic PL1171 .P285 2008eb

A dictionary of Chinese characters [electronic resource] : accessed by phonetics
Electronic PL1281 .S38 2007eb

ABC etymological dictionary of old Chinese [electronic resource]
Electronic PN41 .M48 2007eb

A new handbook of literary terms [electronic resource]
Electronic PN56.H6 I26 2007eb

Icons of horror and the supernatural [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of our worst nightmares
Electronic PN771 .M36 2007eb

Historical dictionary of postmodernist literature and theater [electronic resource]
Electronic PN1271 .A73 2008eb

The Facts on File companion to world poetry [electronic resource] : 1900 to the present

PN1992.8.T3 W66 2009

Talking with television : women, talk shows, and modern self-reflexivity

PN1995 .M296 2008

 Gilles Deleuze : cinema and philosophy

PN1995.9.H6 H836 2008eb

Historical dictionary of horror cinema [electronic resource]
Electronic PN1995.9.W4 V37 2008eb

Historical dictionary of westerns in cinema [electronic resource]

PN1997 .L436 1998

Lean on me [videorecording]

PN1997 .P544 2007

Poltergeist [videorecording]

PN1997.2 .F744 2007

Freedom Writers [videorecording]
Electronic PN2266.3 .F57 2008eb

Historical dictionary of American theater [electronic resource] : modernism

PN2287.H378 H65 2002

Susan Hayward : her films and life

PN2876.S53 J53 2009

Women playing men : Yue opera and social change in twentieth-century Shanghai

PN3435 .Z86 2008

Strange concepts and the stories they make possible : cognition, culture, narrative
Electronic PN3503 .F33 2008eb

The Facts on File companion to the world novel [electronic resource] :1900 to the present
Electronic PN4129.15 .S56 2008eb

The complete presentation skills handbook [electronic resource]

PN4872 .G88 2008

Seen and heard : the women of television news

PQ6668.U49 J8413 2009

The angel's game

PR111 .K56 2006

Kindred hands : letters on writing by British and American women authors, 1865-1935

PR129.S64 D35 2008

Violent belongings : partition, gender, and national culture in postcolonial India

PR778.R65 E78 2008

Romanticism and improvisation, 1750-1850

PR2837.A23 G67 2000

Twelfth night [videorecording]
Electronic PR2983 .D55 2007eb

The Cambridge introduction to Shakespeare's tragedies [electronic resource]

PR3407 .C36 2008

The Cambridge companion to Daniel Defoe

PR6066.R34 N54 2002

Night watch

PR9340.5 .O96 2008

The Columbia guide to West African literature in English since 1945
Electronic PS147 .K67 2007eb

A to Z of American women writers [electronic resource]
Electronic PS153.H56 M36 2007eb

Latino writers and journalists [electronic resource]

PS153.I52 P87 2009

Writing Indian, native conversations
Electronic PS153.M56 A414 2009eb

American ethnic writers [electronic resource]
Electronic PS153.N5 D74 2007eb

100 most popular African American authors [electronic resource] : biographical sketches and bibliographies
Electronic PS153.N5 E49 2007eb

Encyclopedia of African American women writers [electronic resource]
Electronic PS323.5 .F33 2008eb

The Facts on File companion to American poetry [electronic resource]

PS371 .N68 2007

Notable American novelists [electronic resource]

PS374.M535 E34 2008

Grotesque relations : modernist domestic fiction and the U.S. welfare state

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Mosby's tour guide to nursing school : a student's road survival kit
S - Agriculture

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Gardening for all seasons

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Great natives for tough places

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Community gardening

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Living with fire : fire ecology and policy for the twenty-first century
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Pet animals [electronic resource] : a complete guide
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The new puppy owner's manual [electronic resource] : a great investment for all excited or anxious owners of a puppy
T - Technology
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The global English style guide [electronic resource] : writing clear, translatable documentation for a global market

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Workplace skills for success with AutoCAD 2010 : basics through advanced : a layered learning approach

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Ocean energy : tide and tidal power

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Contaminants of emerging environmental concern

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Biosystems engineering
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Encyclopedia of Energy [electronic resource]

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U- Military Science
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About face
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Z - Library Science

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