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November 2011 New Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B52 .S59 2004 How to get the most out of philosophy

B72 .H24 1999 Half hours with the best thinkers

BD435 .P763 2010 Procreation and parenthood

BD436 .H257 2010 Philosophy of love, sex, and marriage

BF80.7.U6 B47 2010
Best practices for teaching beginnings and endings in the psychology major

BF175 .S48 2011
Sexual revolutions

BF311 .E4825 2011 The conscious body

BF378.S65 M45 2011 Memory and migration
ELECTRONIC BF444 .M387 2001eb
Eliciting and analyzing expert judgment

BF636.7.C76 C68 2010 Counseling across and beyond cultures

BF637.H4 B387 2011
Altruism in humans

BF697 .K635 2011
Self-agency in psychotherapy

BF723.T53 R68 2011 Becoming who we are

BF724.5 .D43 2011
Debating emerging adulthood

BR200 .F57 1998
The barbarian conversion

BS511.3 .B43 2011 The rise and fall of the Bible

BS2595.52 .M47 2010
Methods for Luke
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D25.5 .K27 1995 On the origins of war and the preservation of peace

D727 .F34 2010 Munich, 1938

DA591.A45 W5562 2011 William & Catherine : a royal wedding

DQ69 .R4413 2009
Faces of neutrality
E - History: America

E81 .C59 2011
Daily life during the Indian Wars

E98.M34 A45 2010
American Indians and the market economy, 1775-1850

E168 .V385 2004 As we were : American photographic postcards, 1905-1930

E183.8.G8 K44 2010
The colonels' coup and the American embassy

E184.A1 S725 2011
Reproducing race

E184.A75 L35 2011 Asian American political action

E184.H55 V35 2010 Hmong America : reconstructing community in diaspora

E185.61 .R234 2011
Imprisoned in a luminous glare

E185.62 .F37 2011
Mixing races : from scientific racism to modern evolutionary ideas

E185.625 .F544 2011 Troubling vision : performance, visuality, and blackness

E185.86 .C987 2010 Stormy weather : middle-class African American marriages between the two World Wars

E185.9 .R63 2010 Evangelicalism and the politics of reform in northern Black thought, 1776-1863

E185.97.D73 B358 2011 Democracy's reconstruction : thinking politically with W.E.B. Du Bois

E185.97.H35 A5 2011 The speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer

E199 .B7 2011
The capture of Louisbourg, 1758

E312 .L46 2011
Inventing George Washington

E360 .B87 2010
Perilous fight : America's intrepid war with Britain on the high seas, 1812-1815

E415.9.S53 K46 2002 American scoundrel : the life of the notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles

E459 .G66 2011
1861 : the Civil War awakening

E545 .A37 2008 Texas Civil War artifacts

E745 .H375 2011
Rudder : from leader to legend

E843 .R357 2010
Portrait of Camelot
F - History: America

F385 .H4 1966
Heroes of Texas

F386 .E57 2011 Where the West begins

F395.M5 R57 2011
The tejano diaspora

F596 .S297 1996 Daughters of the West
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G70.3 .W354 2011 Practical statistics for geographers and earth scientists

G156.5.E58 G67 2011 Carbon management in tourism

GT575 .R83 2010
Dressing up : cultural identity in renaissance Europe

GV361 .F66 2012 Teaching cues for sport skills for secondary school students

GV706.4 .P684 2009 Psychology gets in the game

GV711 .E84 2011
The ethics of sports coaching

GV716 .C665 2011
The business of sports : a primer for journalists
ELECTRONIC GV741 .A694 2005eb Anthology of statistics in sports

GV838.72 .E45 2007 International lifeguard training program

GV885.73.O63 M37 2011 The rhythm boys of Omaha Central
H - Social Science
ELECTRONIC H61 .R59 1978e Graph theory and its applications to problems of society

HA29 .N34 2006
Interpreting data : a guide to understanding research
ELECTRONIC HB74.M3 I57 2002eb
Mathematical optimization and economic theory

HB172 .M396 2010
Microeconomics for MBAs

HB172.5 .R667 2011 Macroeconomics

HB615 .K367 2011
Entrepreneurship : an international introduction
ELECTRONIC HB849.51 .H66 1975eb
Mathematical theories of populations
ELECTRONIC HB1741 .I16 2005eb Gender-structured population modeling

HC102.5.W95 A33 2011
Beyond Tallulah

HC240 .P388 2010 An economic history of Europe

HD30.2 .K6396 2011
Knowledge translation in context

HD30.2 .S686 2011
Overload! : how too much information is hazardous to your organization

HD30.23 .S726 2011 Tough calls from the corner office

HD30.28 .S316 1996
The art of the long view

HD31 .H25 2007
The future of management

HD31 .T426 2010
Denial : why business leaders fail to look facts in the face--and what to do about it
ELECTRONIC HD38.5 .M63 2010eb Modeling, simulation, and optimization of supply chains

HD57.7 .B688 2011 The business of leadership : an introduction

HD70.C5 B68 2011
China's management revolution : spirit, land, energy

HD6971 .R343 2011 Reassessing the employment relationship

HD8072 .C927 2011
The labor question in America

HD9049.C8 F753 2011
Fritos pie : stories, recipes, and more

HD9200.G62 R93 2011
Chocolate nations
HD9349.S634 D785 2006 The road to Dr Pepper, Texas

HE5903.W5 T47 1978 Wells Fargo in Arizona territory

HF5415.13 .R367 2010 Real-time marketing for business growth

HF5549 .M31347 1984 Managing human assets

HF5549.5.A34 G65 2011 Constructing affirmative action
REFERENCE HG106 .E53 2010
Encyclopedia of quantitative finance

HG2980.7.A7 G33 2011
Central banking and financialization
ELECTRONIC HG3751.5 .T47 2002eb
Credit scoring and its applications
ELECTRONIC HG6024.A3 A26 2005eb
Computational methods for option pricing

HM511 .R43 2004
Readings in social research methods

HM586 .B35 2007
Our social world : introduction to sociology

HM586 .B898 2005
Sociology : your compass for a new world

HM1033 .T434 2011 Theories in social psychology

HN90.S65 B77 2011 The global auction

HQ145.N3 B74 2010
The state of sex : tourism, sex, and sin in the new American heartland

HQ784.V55 H69 2011 How intimate partner violence affects children

HQ799.2.V56 B49 2011 Beyond suppression : global perspectives on youth violence

HQ801 .M855 2011 Interdependent minds : the dynamics of close relationships

HQ1061 .W26 2011
Aging social policies : an international perspective

HQ1236 .C626 2011 Confronting global gender justice

HV435 .H37 2009 Economic liberalisation, social capital and Islamic welfare provision

HV3004 .D73 1996
Mental retardation : a life cycle approach

HV7411 .R87 2003
The dictionary of criminal justice

HV7415 .V57 2002
Statistical analysis in criminal justice and criminology : a user's guide

HV7415 .W32 2005
Statistics in criminology and criminal justice

HV7419.5 .P76 2002 Introductory statistics for criminal justice and criminology

HV7434.G7 E93 2011
Crime prevention : a critical introduction

HV8143 .H327 2003 Seeking employment in criminal justice and related fields

HV8290 .O78 2005 Security management : an introduction

HV8291.G7 W45 2010 The politics of private security

HV8688 .M55 2011
After the crime

HV9104 .S75 2011
The paradox of youth violence

HV9278 .O38 2010 Offender supervision

HV9471 .A33 2011
Women aging in prison

HV9471 .C46 2011
Challenging the prison-industrial complex

HV9950 .C743155 2011
Crime and public policy

HV9950 .R635 2004
Justice blind?

HV9950 .W33 2000
The color of justice
J - Political Science

JC575 .M94 2010
The politics of equality : an introduction

JC578 .T39 2011
Reconstructing Rawls
ELECTRONIC JF1001 .B65 2010eb
Mathematics of social choice
ELECTRONIC JF1001 .E93 1999eb Evaluation and optimization of electoral systems

JK1759 .J94 2011
Race for citizenship

JK1968 2010 .P46 2011
Pendulum swing
K - Law

KF969.58201 .A2 2011a
The new financial deal

KF1040 .D87 2011
Truth in lending : theory, history, and a way forward

KF3002 .S75 2010
Getting permission

KF3022 .F575 2010
The public domain

KF4600 .N49 2011
New frontiers of state constitutional law

KF4755.5 .L45 2011
Affirmative action in antidiscrimination law and policy

KF4765 .T66 2011
Constitutional exclusion

KJV135.A34 W43 2009
The wrecking of La Salle's ship Aimable and the trial of Claude Aigron
L - Education

LA227.4 .C525 2011 The innovative university

LA227.4 .D46 2011
Abelard to Apple

LB1027 .F45 2011
Radical education and the common school

LB1103 .S6 v.73 no.2
Understanding mother-adolescent conflict discussions

LB1139.25 .K55 2011

LB1140.23 .K55 2011
Kids first

LB1140.23 .M37 2011 Child development in practice

LB1556.5 .M66 2012
Effective strategies for teaching in K-8 classrooms

LB1570 .W645 2010
Interdisciplinary instruction for all learners K-8

LB1572 .B69 2011
Real talk in elementary classrooms

LB1576 .L57 2011
The literate classroom

LB1584 .B73 2007
Powerful social studies for elementary students

LB1584 .S354 2007
Teaching social studies

LB2805 .H715 2005
Educational administration

LB3051 .C85 2011
Cultural validity in assessment
LIMITED LB3060.33.T49 C73 2010
An analysis of the Texas Projection Measure as a method of assessing high school academic achievement

LC212.862 .W64 2011
Women as leaders in education

LC2741 .H67 2011 Learning in a burning house

LC4065 .V35 2011 Rethinking disability

LD3413 .L36 2010 The battle of Ole Miss
M - Music and Books on Music

ML82 .H42 2010
Songs in black and lavender

ML410.W15 W1213 2010
Wagner's Ring in 1848

ML410.Z43 M67 2010
Alexander Zemlinsky

ML417.F76 E93 2009
Ignaz Friedman

ML1727 .G57 2010
French opera

ML3470 .S79 2009
Jews, race, and popular music

ML3508 .W37 2000
Jazz : a history of America's music

ML3524 .M34 2010
Country music, U.S.A.

ML3550 .M86 2010
Different drummers : rhythm and race in the Americas

ML3776 .L64 2010
The most musical nation

ML3800 .B2085 2010
The music instinct

ML3917.U6 P33 2010
Oye como va! : hybridity and identity in Latino popular music
N - Fine Arts
NB623.D7G7X Donatello.

ND237.K89 A4 2004 Painted history : the landscapes of Valley View Farm

ND237.S64645 S73 2011
Gael Stack

ND1342 .D479 2002
Painting realistic landscapes with Dorothy Dent

ND1342 .M68 2005
Landscape meditations
P - Language and Literature

P130.5 .B58 2010
The sociolinguistics of globalization

PA3621 .W66 2004
Women writers of ancient Greece and Rome

PA4037 .A5955 2009
The war that killed Achilles

PA4037 .R56 2008
Homer and the dual model of the tragic

PE1073 .C66 2010
Contending with globalization in world Englishes

PN1995.9.W6 K37 2011
Unruly girls, unrepentant mothers
REFERENCE PN2277.N5 H573 2009
Broadway plays and musicals

PN6737.T35 A73 2007
Alice in Sunderland

PQ1993.L27 B613 2010
The Bohemians : a novel

PQ6555.D7 E513 2009 Do*na Perfecta

PQ7389.C266 P64 1993
Poes*ias completas y peque*nos poemas en prosa (en orden cronol*ogico)

PR151.J5 L36 2004
Gender and Jewish difference from Paul to Shakespeare

PR883 .C36 2009 The Cambridge companion to the twentieth-century English novel

PR1868.N63 T73 2010
Disseminal Chaucer

PR4803.H44 Z6245 2011
Gerard Manley Hopkins

PR5433 .H43 2010
Shelley's ghost

PR6013.U65 Z55 2009
At the barriers : on the poetry of Thom Gunn

PS228.B6 W38 1995
The birth of the beat generation

PS310.P6 M37 2009
American experimental poetry and democratic thought

PS558.T4 R58 RiverSedge.

PS647.J4 A15 2005 What happened to Abraham?

PS1331 .L48 2011
Mark Twain : the divided mind of America's best-loved writer

PS1541.Z5 C755 2010
Winds of will

PS1541.Z5 R425 2009
Reading Emily Dickinson's letters : critical essays

PS3503.E4488 Z48 2010 Saul Bellow : letters

PS3531.E933 Z8 2009 At home inside

PS3531.O752 Z718 2010
Katherine Anne Porter remembered

PS3553.A7894 A6 2009
Collected stories

PS3553.A7894 Z53 2010 The visual poetics of Raymond Carver

PS3563.A319 D8 1999
Duane's depressed : a novel

PS3563.C3868 I58 2005
The interruption of everything
CURR-COLL PS3563.O622 M66 2005
Mural on Second Avenue, and other city poems

PS3568.I285 N37 1978
Nashville 98 : a novel

PT2603.E455 Z89474 2010 Walter Benjamin
CURR-COLL PZ7.G8233 Wil 2010 Will Grayson, Will Grayson
CURR-COLL PZ7.K1565 Alm 2009
Almost perfect
Q - Science
ELECTRONIC Q172.5.S95 F54 2009eb
Symmetry in chaos
ELECTRONIC Q183.9 .A28 2005eb
Accuracy and reliability in scientific computing
ELECTRONIC QA9.64 .F894 2002eb Fuzzy logic and probability applications
QA13 .M356 2005
Mathematics in service to the community
ELECTRONIC QA13.5.W63 U553 2005eb
An uneasy alliance
ELECTRONIC QA37.2 .F735 1994eb Industrial mathematics
ELECTRONIC QA37.2 .H2 1998eb Mathematical models
ELECTRONIC QA37.2 .L55 1988eb
Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences
ELECTRONIC QA42 .H54 1998eb Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences
ELECTRONIC QA43 .P76 1990eb
Problems in applied mathematics
ELECTRONIC QA63 .B72 2005eb Ants, bikes, & clocks
ELECTRONIC QA76.6 .M3559 1980eb Lectures on the logic of computer programming
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.A73 A66 1996eb Applications on advanced architecture computers
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.A73 G635 2001eb
Performance optimization of numerically intensive codes
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.D5 P43 2000eb
Distributed computing
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.D35 T37 1983eb
Data structures and network algorithms
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.D343 E52 2007eb Matrix methods in data mining and pattern recognition
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.D343 K356 2009eb
Scientific data mining
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.D343 P43 2005eb
Mining imperfect data
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.E94 H63 1996eb
The science of computer benchmarking
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.E94 R674 1976eb
Lectures on the measurement and evaluation of the performance of computing systems
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.M35 .K66 2003eb
The Lanczos method
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.M35 O94 2001eb Numerical computing with IEEE floating point arithmetic
ELECTRONIC QA76.58 .D66 1995eb Domain-based parallelism and problem decomposition methods in computational science and engineering
ELECTRONIC QA76.58 .K46 2009eb
Parallel MATLAB for multicore and multinode computers
ELECTRONIC QA76.58 .P37645 2006eb
Parallel processing for scientific computing
ELECTRONIC QA76.73.F25 L36 1999eb
LAPACK users' guide
ELECTRONIC QA76.73.F25 L36 2001eb LAPACK95 users' guide
ELECTRONIC QA76.76.E95 S486 1996eb
Probabilistic expert systems
ELECTRONIC QA76.87 .A58 2001eb Discrete mathematics of neural networks
ELECTRONIC QA76.88 .N86 1998eb
Numerical linear algebra for high-performance computers
ELECTRONIC QA76.95 .D75 2009eb Learning MATLAB
ELECTRONIC QA76.95 .V37 1990eb
Scientific computation on mathematical problems and conjectures

QA76.889 .R54 2011
Quantum computing : a gentle introduction
ELECTRONIC QA161.P59 S74 2004eb Numerical polynomial algebra
ELECTRONIC QA164 .S64 1994eb
Ten lectures on the probabilistic method
ELECTRONIC QA164 .W54 1989eb
Combinatorial algorithms
ELECTRONIC QA166.7 .C67 2001eb
Combinatorial optimization
ELECTRONIC QA166.185 .M34 1999eb
Topics in intersection graph theory
ELECTRONIC QA184 .D455 1997eb Applied numerical linear algebra
ELECTRONIC QA185.D37 S33 1997eb
ScaLAPACK user's guide
ELECTRONIC QA188 .B47 1994eb
Nonnegative matrices in the mathematical sciences
ELECTRONIC QA188 .B445 1997eb
Introduction to matrix analysis
ELECTRONIC QA188 .B674 2005eb
Spectral properties of banded Toeplitz matrices
ELECTRONIC QA188 .C36 2009eb
Generalized inverses of linear transformations
ELECTRONIC QA188 .C65 1988eb Handbook for matrix computations
ELECTRONIC QA188 .D386 2006eb Direct methods for sparse linear systems
ELECTRONIC QA188 .F38 1999eb Fast reliable algorithms for matrices with structure
ELECTRONIC QA188 .G64 2009eb Matrix polynomials
ELECTRONIC QA188 .H53 2008eb Functions of matrices
ELECTRONIC QA188 .P37 1998eb
The symmetric eigenvalue problem
ELECTRONIC QA188 .P367 1990eb Parallel algorithms for matrix computations
ELECTRONIC QA188 .S17 2003eb Iterative methods for sparse linear systems
ELECTRONIC QA188 .S18 2011eb
Numerical methods for large eigenvalue problems
ELECTRONIC QA188 .S714 1998eb v.1
Matrix algorithms. Vol. 1, Basic decompositions
ELECTRONIC QA188 .S714 1998eb v.2
ELECTRONIC QA193 .B48 2007eb
Perturbation bounds for matrix eigenvalues
ELECTRONIC QA193 .C84 2002eb Lanczos algorithms for large symmetric eigenvalue computations. Vol. 1, Theory
ELECTRONIC QA193 .L44 1998eb
ARPACK users' guide
ELECTRONIC QA193 .T46 2000eb
Templates for the solution of algebraic eigenvalue problems
ELECTRONIC QA193 .W38 2007eb The matrix eigenvalue problem
ELECTRONIC QA195 .H83 2006eb The structural representation of proximity matrices with MATLAB
ELECTRONIC QA214 .B56 1996eb
Numerical methods for least squares problems
ELECTRONIC QA214 .L56 1979eb LINPACK, users' guide
ELECTRONIC QA214 .M67 2009eb Solving polynomial systems using continuation for engineering and scientific problems
ELECTRONIC QA214 .R44 1998eb Methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations
ELECTRONIC QA218 .H38 1998eb
Rank-deficient and discrete ill-posed problems
ELECTRONIC QA218 .M48 2006eb
The Lanczos and conjugate gradient algorithms
ELECTRONIC QA221 .C5 1988eb
Multivariate splines
ELECTRONIC QA224 .S29 1973eb
Cardinal spline interpolation
ELECTRONIC QA224 .W34 1990eb
Spline models for observational data
ELECTRONIC QA241 .L68 1986eb An algorithmic theory of numbers, graphs, and convexity
ELECTRONIC QA243 .W56 1980eb Arithmetic complexity of computations
ELECTRONIC QA267 .H35 1978eb Feasible computations and provable complexity properties
ELECTRONIC QA267.7 .C74 2001eb Complexity classifications of Boolean constraint satisfaction problems
ELECTRONIC QA272 .B37 1999eb Dynamic noncooperative game theory
ELECTRONIC QA273 .B864 1992eb
ELECTRONIC QA273 .H66 2005eb
Basic concepts of probability and statistics
ELECTRONIC QA273.5 .S64 1978eb Geometric probability
ELECTRONIC QA273.43 .B55 1971eb
Weak convergence of measures
ELECTRONIC QA273.45 .S74 1997eb Probability theory and combinatorial optimization
ELECTRONIC QA273.67 .B33 1971eb
Some limit theorems in statistics
ELECTRONIC QA273.67 .B48 2010eb Normal approximation and asymptotic expansions
ELECTRONIC QA273.67 .V37 1984eb Large deviations and applications
ELECTRONIC QA274 .B49 2009eb Stochastic processes with applications
ELECTRONIC QA274 .P37 1999eb
Stochastic processes
ELECTRONIC QA274 .S655 2008eb
Stochastic processes, estimation, and control
ELECTRONIC QA274.7 .F726 2008eb
Hidden Markov models and dynamical systems
ELECTRONIC QA274.7 .K87 1981eb
Approximation of population processes
ELECTRONIC QA274.7 .L38 1999eb Introduction to matrix analytic methods in stochastic modeling
ELECTRONIC QA274.23 .I87 1984eb
Foundations of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensional spaces
ELECTRONIC QA274.45 .A34 2010eb The geometry of random fields
ELECTRONIC QA274.76 .W44 2000eb
Branching programs and binary decision diagrams
ELECTRONIC QA275 .G37313 1995eb
Theory of the combination of observations least subject to error
ELECTRONIC QA275 .H84 1991eb
The total least squares problem
ELECTRONIC QA275 .I67 2009eb
Numerical matrix analysis
ELECTRONIC QA275 .L38 1995eb
Solving least squares problems
ELECTRONIC QA276 .D653 2005eb Algebraic theory of automata networks
ELECTRONIC QA276 .H78 1996eb
Robust statistical procedures
ELECTRONIC QA276 .R465 2003eb Recurrent events data analysis for product repairs, disease recurrences, and other applications
ELECTRONIC QA276 .S483 2009eb
Empirical processes with applications to statistics
ELECTRONIC QA276.4 .B34 2005eb Mathematica laboratories for mathematical statistics
ELECTRONIC QA276.4 .B67 1994eb
Russian - English, English - Russian dictionary on probability, statistics, and combinatorics
ELECTRONIC QA276.6 .O35 2004eb Applied adaptive statistical methods
ELECTRONIC QA276.7 .C76 1983eb
Quantile processes with statistical applications
ELECTRONIC QA276.7 .D87 1973eb Distribution theory for tests based on the sample distribution function
ELECTRONIC QA276.8 .E375 1982eb The jackknife, the bootstrap, and other resampling plans
ELECTRONIC QA276.8 .K43 1993eb Pitman's measure of closeness
ELECTRONIC QA276.8 .T53 1990eb
Nonparametric function estimation, modeling, and simulation
ELECTRONIC QA276.12 .S734 1998eb
Statistical case studies
ELECTRONIC QA276.74 .B88 2005eb
Design and analysis of gauge R&R studies
ELECTRONIC QA278 .G355 2007eb
Data clustering
ELECTRONIC QA278.7 .A74 2008eb
A first course in order statistics
ELECTRONIC QA278.8 .S46 1985eb
Theory and applications of sequential nonparametrics
ELECTRONIC QA279 .J65 1998eb Statistical design and analysis of experiments
ELECTRONIC QA279 .N45 2005eb The analysis of means
ELECTRONIC QA279 .P85 2006eb Optimal design of experiments
ELECTRONIC QA279 .S64 2005eb
Experimental design for formulation
ELECTRONIC QA279.5 .L43 2004eb Bayesian nonparametrics via neural networks
ELECTRONIC QA279.5 .L553 1972eb
Bayesian statistics
ELECTRONIC QA279.7 .G86 2002eb Multiple decision procedures
ELECTRONIC QA279.7 .W66 1982eb Nonlinear renewal theory in sequential analysis
ELECTRONIC QA280 .B74 2001eb
Time series
ELECTRONIC QA297 .C417 1996eb Lectures on finite precision computations
ELECTRONIC QA297 .D335 2008eb v.1
Numerical methods in scientific computing. Vol. 1
ELECTRONIC QA297 .G676 2007eb v.1
Creating simulations
ELECTRONIC QA297 .H53 2002eb Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms
ELECTRONIC QA297 .H5217 2005eb
MATLAB guide
ELECTRONIC QA297 .M84 1987eb Multigrid methods
ELECTRONIC QA297 .M625 2008eb
Numerical computing with
ELECTRONIC QA297 .O78 1990eb
Numerical analysis
ELECTRONIC QA297 .S784 1998eb Afternotes goes to graduate school
ELECTRONIC QA297 .S785 1996eb Afternotes on numerical analysis
ELECTRONIC QA297 .S4782 2004eb
The SIAM 100-digit challenge
ELECTRONIC QA297 .V25 2010eb Insight through computing
ELECTRONIC QA297 .V29 1971eb Functional analysis and approximation theory in numerical analysis
ELECTRONIC QA297.5 .C475 1986eb Multivariate approximation theory
ELECTRONIC QA279.7 .C45 1972eb Sequential analysis and optimal design
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .C43 2007eb An introduction to iterative Toeplitz solvers
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .G74 1997eb Iterative methods for solving linear systems
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .K45 1995eb Iterative methods for linear and nonlinear equations
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .K455 2003eb Solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .O77 2000eb Iterative solution of nonlinear equations in several variables
ELECTRONIC QA297.8 .T45 1994eb
Templates for the solution of linear systems
ELECTRONIC QA297.75 .M66 1979eb
Methods and applications of interval analysis
ELECTRONIC QA297.75 .M656 2009eb
Introduction to interval analysis
ELECTRONIC QA298 .N54 1992eb
Random number generation and quasi-Monte Carlo methods
ELECTRONIC QA299.3 .K74 1998eb
Computational integration
ELECTRONIC QA304 .G76 2008eb Evaluating derivatives
ELECTRONIC QA311 .W65 2001eb Asymptotic approximations of integrals
ELECTRONIC QA316 .K55 2000eb An introduction to variational inequalities and their applications
ELECTRONIC QA320 .S53 1974eb
The theory of best approximation and functional analysis
ELECTRONIC QA322 .G649 2006eb Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications
ELECTRONIC QA329.2 .C48 2011eb Spectral approximation of linear operators
ELECTRONIC QA329.4 .W44 1974eb
Variational methods for eigenvalue approximation
ELECTRONIC QA331.5 .M87 2003eb
Discrete convex analysis
ELECTRONIC QA331.7 .C375 2005eb Functions of a complex variable
ELECTRONIC QA351 .G455 2007eb Numerical methods for special functions
ELECTRONIC QA353.C64 G46 2010eb Generalized concavity
ELECTRONIC QA371 .A579 1979eb Lie-B*acklund transformations in applications
ELECTRONIC QA371 .G65 1977eb Numerical analysis of spectral methods
ELECTRONIC QA371 .H365 2010eb Discrete inverse problems
ELECTRONIC QA371 .T357 2005eb Inverse problem theory and methods for model parameter estimation
ELECTRONIC QA371.5.D37 E76 2002eb Simulating, analyzing, and animating dynamical systems

ELECTRONIC QA372 .C33 1991eb
Ordinary differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA372 .C594 1997eb Linear ordinary differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA372 .H33 2002eb Ordinary differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA372 .L29 1976eb
The stability of dynamical systems
ELECTRONIC QA372 .L86 1992eb
Sinc methods for quadrature and differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA372 .M388 2002eb Ordinary differential equations in theory and practice
ELECTRONIC QA372 .S56 2005eb
Singular perturbations and hysteresis
ELECTRONIC QA374 .B57 1971eb
The numerical solution of elliptic equations
ELECTRONIC QA374 .L42 2006eb The immersed interface method
ELECTRONIC QA374 .M38 2005eb
Partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA374 .S88 2004eb
Finite difference schemes and partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .A559 2003eb Introduction to numerical continuation methods
ELECTRONIC QA377 .B75 2000eb
A multigrid tutorial
ELECTRONIC QA377 .B263 1998eb
PLTMG, a software package for solving elliptic partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .B672 1984eb Numerical solution of elliptic problems
ELECTRONIC QA377 .C53 2002eb The finite element method for elliptic problems
ELECTRONIC QA377 .D688 2003eb
A tutorial on elliptic PDE solvers and their parallelization
ELECTRONIC QA377 .I588 1997eb An introduction to inverse scattering and inverse spectral problems
ELECTRONIC QA377 .L568 2000eb Hyperbolic and viscous conservation laws
ELECTRONIC QA377 .M32 1989eb Multilevel adaptive methods for partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .M32 1992eb Multilevel projection methods for partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .M67 1975eb Notes on time decay and scattering for some hyperbolic problems
ELECTRONIC QA377 .M284 1991eb Mathematical aspects of numerical grid generation
ELECTRONIC QA377 .O77 1985eb
Solution of partial differential equations on vector and parallel computers
ELECTRONIC QA377 .P33 1975eb Improperly posed problems in partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .R58 2008eb
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving elliptic
ELECTRONIC QA377 .R87 1993eb
Mathematical and computational techniques for multilevel adaptive methods
ELECTRONIC QA377 .T65 2000eb
Spectral methods in MATLAB
ELECTRONIC QA377 .V49 1982eb Fourier analysis of numerical approximations of hyperbolic equations
ELECTRONIC QA377 .V575 2002eb Computational methods for inverse problems
ELECTRONIC QA378 .B73 1996eb
Numerical solution of initial-value problems in differential-algebraic equations
ELECTRONIC QA378 .K74 2004eb Initial-boundary value problems and the Navier-Stokes equations
ELECTRONIC QA379 .A9 2001eb
Finite element solution of boundary value problems
ELECTRONIC QA379 .A83 1995eb Numerical solution of boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA379 .F65 2008eb
A unified approach to boundary value problems
ELECTRONIC QA379 .K44 1976eb
Numerical solution of two point boundary value problems
ELECTRONIC QA379 .V39 1995eb The boundary function method for singular perturbation problems
ELECTRONIC QA387 .B43 1989eb
A survey of Lie groups and Lie algebras with applications and computational methods
ELECTRONIC QA401 .M3937 1987eb Mathematical modelling
ELECTRONIC QA402 .E93 2006eb
Exact and approximate modeling of linear systems
ELECTRONIC QA402 .O58 2000eb
Strongly stabilizable distributed parameter systems
ELECTRONIC QA402 .S35 2002eb
Facts, conjectures, and improvements for simulated annealing
ELECTRONIC QA402 .V54 2002eb
Nonlinear systems analysis
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .A364 2000eb Advances in linear matrix inequality methods in control
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .B47 2010eb Practical methods for optimal control and estimation using nonlinear programming
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .B49 2006eb Control perspectives on numerical algorithms and matrix problems
ELECTRONIC QA403.3 .C49 1997eb
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .C624 1992eb Control and estimation in distributed parameter systems
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .H354 1999eb Indefinite-quadratic estimation and control
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .H374 1998eb
Classical control using H
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .H375 1998eb
Classical control using H [infinity] methods
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .L52 1972eb
Some aspects of the optimal control of distributed parameter systems
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .L333 2002eb Mathematical control theory of coupled PDEs
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .L489 1994eb Linear matrix inequalities in system and control theory
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .R48 2003eb
Research directions in distributed parameter systems
ELECTRONIC QA402.3 .S7426 2010eb
Primer on optimal control theory
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .A84 2006eb
Variational analysis in Sobolev and BV spaces
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .C52 1989eb Methods of dynamic and nonsmooth optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .C53 1990eb
Optimization and nonsmooth analysis
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .C68 2009eb
The linear complementarity problem
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .C6485 2000eb
Trust-region methods
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .D44 1996eb
Numerical methods for unconstrained optimization and nonlinear equations
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .E3813 1999eb
Convex analysis and variational problems
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .F73 2002eb
Methods of mathematical economics
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .F425 2007eb Linear programming with MATLAB
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .I89 2008eb
Lagrange multiplier approach to variational problems and applications
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .K44 1999eb
Iterative methods for optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .L514 2009eb The basics of practical optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .M67 1993eb
Optimization software guide
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .N4615 1994eb Interior-point polynomial algorithms in convex programming
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .R6 1974eb
Conjugate duality and optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .R41 2007eb
Real-time PDE-constrained optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .R46 2001eb
A mathematical view of interior-point methods in convex optimization
ELECTRONIC QA402.5 .S523 2004eb
The sharpest cut
ELECTRONIC QA402.6 .B87 2009eb
Assignment problems
ELECTRONIC QA402.6 .V44 2001eb
The vehicle routing problem
ELECTRONIC QA402.35 .H45 1999eb Extending H [superscript infinity symbol] control to nonlinear systems
ELECTRONIC QA403.3 .D38 1992eb
Ten lectures on wavelets
ELECTRONIC QA403.3 .J34 2001eb
ELECTRONIC QA403.3 .W362 1998eb
Wavelets and their applications
ELECTRONIC QA403.5 .B75 1995eb
ELECTRONIC QA403.5 .V35 1992eb
Computational frameworks for the fast fourier transform
ELECTRONIC QA404.5 .A84 1975eb Orthogonal polynomials and special functions
ELECTRONIC QA431 .B34 1992eb An introduction to invariant imbedding
ELECTRONIC QA431 .B575 1981eb
Ill-posed problems for integrodifferential equations in mechanics and electromagnetic theory
ELECTRONIC QA431 .L58 1985eb Analytical and numerical methods for Volterra equations
ELECTRONIC QA431 .L548 2007eb Finite difference methods for ordinary and partial differential equations
ELECTRONIC QA431 .S29 1983eb
Branching in the presence of symmetry
ELECTRONIC QA431 .W644 1991eb
A primer on integral equations of the first kind
ELECTRONIC QA432 .L3 1996eb Linear differential operators
ELECTRONIC QA448.D38 G46 1992eb
Geometry processing for design and manufacturing
ELECTRONIC QA565 .M67 1995eb Mathematical aspects of geometric modeling
ELECTRONIC QA567 .D47 1994eb
Designing fair curves and surfaces
ELECTRONIC QA612.7 .D45 2011eb
Shapes and geometries
ELECTRONIC QA614.8 .G68 2000eb Numerical methods for bifurcations of dynamical equilibria
ELECTRONIC QA614.8 .M45 2007eb Differential dynamical systems
ELECTRONIC QA614.9 .A58 2005eb Approximation of large-scale dynamical systems
ELECTRONIC QA643 .C87 1992eb Curve and surface design
ELECTRONIC QA646 .A535 2010eb
Introduction to the mathematics of subdivision
ELECTRONIC QA649 .G36 1989eb
The method of equivalence and its applications
ELECTRONIC QA808.2 .G56 1989eb Augmented Lagrangian and operator-splitting methods in nonlinear mechanics
ELECTRONIC QA808.2 .S43 2007eb
Mathematics applied to continuum mechanics
ELECTRONIC QA861 .R33 2000eb
Nonholonomic motion of rigid mechanical systems from a DAE viewpoint
ELECTRONIC QA871 .M87 1999eb
ELECTRONIC QA911 .B667 2011eb Multigrid techniques
ELECTRONIC QA911 .G718 1997eb Numerical simulation in fluid dynamics
ELECTRONIC QA911 .T39 1995eb
Navier-Stokes equations and nonlinear functional analysis
ELECTRONIC QA925 .V67 1991eb
Vortex methods and vortex motion
ELECTRONIC QA927 .A34 1981eb
Solitons and the inverse scattering transform
ELECTRONIC QA927 .F54 1988eb Dynamics of internal layers and diffusive interfaces
ELECTRONIC QA927 .L35 1973eb Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws and the mathematical theory of shock waves
ELECTRONIC QA927 .N46 1985eb
Solitons in mathematics and physics
ELECTRONIC QA927 .Y365 2010eb Nonlinear waves in integrable and nonintegrable systems
ELECTRONIC QA929 .R43 2000eb
Mathematical analysis of viscoelastic flows
ELECTRONIC QA931 .F33 1992eb Mathematical problems in linear viscoelasticity
ELECTRONIC QA931 .G84 1981eb
Topics in finite elasticity
ELECTRONIC QA931 .K53 1988eb Contact problems in elasticity
ELECTRONIC QA931 .P383 2000eb
Variational methods in nonlinear elasticity
ELECTRONIC QA935 .L327 1989eb Boundary stabilization of thin plates

QB36.G2 S65 1999
Galileo's daughter : a historical memoir of science, faith, and love
ELECTRONIC QC16.G64 C36 2001eb George Green
ELECTRONIC QC20.7.D52 M27 1981eb
Lectures on geometric methods in mathematical physics
ELECTRONIC QC20.7.S3 C35 2011eb The linear sampling method in inverse electromagnetic scattering
ELECTRONIC QC173.59.M3 P46 1972eb
Techniques of differential topology in relativity
ELECTRONIC QC174.8 .C66 1994eb
Contemporary problems in statistical physics
ELECTRONIC QC174.9 .G47 1996eb
The Cauchy problem in kinetic theory
ELECTRONIC QC242.2 .M37 2004eb Marine acoustics
ELECTRONIC QC372 .M37 2001eb
Mathematical modeling in optical science
ELECTRONIC QC702 .R78 1990eb
Electro-diffusion of ions
ELECTRONIC QD516 .B76 1983eb Lectures on mathematical combustion
ELECTRONIC QD516 .M423 1985eb The mathematics of combustion

QH104 .H39 2011
Recovering a lost river

QH323.5 .C69 2006
A course in mathematical biology
ELECTRONIC QH323.5 .D39 2003eb
Axiomatic consensus theory in group choice and biomathematics
ELECTRONIC QH323.5 .E34 2005eb Mathematical models in biology
ELECTRONIC QH323.5 .R83 1973eb
Mathematical problems in the biological sciences

QH343.4 .L46 2011
Revolutions that made the Earth
ELECTRONIC QH352 .C87 1998eb
An introduction to structured population dynamics
ELECTRONIC QH450 .S56 2010eb
Probabilistic boolean networks
ELECTRONIC QH455 .K56 1980eb Mathematics of genetic diversity

QH455 .M367 2004 Mathematical population genetics

QH491 .A769 2011 Evolution : a developmental approach

QH506 .N6913 2010 Naked genes : reinventing the human in the molecular age

QH541.5.C6 W55 2011 Constructed climates : a primer on urban environments
ELECTRONIC QH546.3 .W35 1983eb
Competition models in population biology

QK71 .O43 2010 Botanic gardens : modern-day arks
CURR-COLL QK475.8 .D45 2005
A grand old tree

QL84.6.K4 C664 2011
Conserving wildlife in African landscapes

QL377.C6 C344 2011
A revision of the Primnoidae

QL458.4 .F6313 2011 Biology of spiders

QL617 .W36 2011 Do fish sleep?

QL676.7 .W35 2011 Bird watch

QL696.F32 W366 2010
The golden eagle

QL737.C27 M85 2011
The great white bear

QL785.27 .B347 2011 The exultant ark

QL795.D5 R67 2011
Wild dog dreaming
ELECTRONIC QP33.6.M36 A67 2004eb Applied mathematical models in human physiology
ELECTRONIC QP105 .C37 2007eb Cardiovascular and respiratory systems

QP303 .T58 2009
Manual of structural kinesiology
ELECTRONIC QP356 .T78 1989eb
Stochastic processes in the neurosciences
R - Medicine

RA395.A3 C478 2007
Changing the U.S. health care system

RA645.5 .B763 2010
Leadership essentials for emergency medical services
ELECTRONIC RC78.7.T6 K35 2001eb
Principles of computerized tomographic imaging
ELECTRONIC RC78.7.T6 N37 2001eb
The mathematics of computerized tomography

RC87.9 .M37 2008
BLS skills review

RC88.9.M6 W53 2008
Wilderness first aid

RC343 .K925 2009 The unwell brain

RC349.E53 F45 2010 Competency-based versus time-based electroneurodiagnostic clinical training

RC440 .H58 2011
Psychiatric and mental health essentials in primary care

RC451.4.A5 A345 2011
Ageing and older adult mental health

RC454 .D55 2011
Distress tolerance

RC455.2.E8 M457 2011 Mental health ethics

RC455.4.B5 B62 2011 The biological basis of mental health nursing

RC683.5.E5 G263 2003
Introduction to 12-lead ECG
RC685.A65 G335 2004
Arrhythmia recognition
RD93 .A855 2010
Advanced assessment and treatment of trauma
RJ370 .P4263 2007
Pediatric first aid for caregivers and teachers
RJ504 .E54 2011
Engaging boys in treatment
RJ504 .W34 2011
Suffer the children
RM222.2 .R6275 2007
The volumetrics eating plan
RM300 .E45 2009
Paramedic : pharmacology applications
RT81.5 .K47 2011
The Delphi technique in nursing and health research
RT85.2 .S538 2006 Called to care : a Christian worldview for nursing
S - Agriculture
SB475.9.E35 E36 2011
Edible gardens
SF396.9 .S44 2010 Backfat thickness and its effects on the subsequent reproductive performance of sows and gilts
T - Technology
ELECTRONIC T57.8 .F54 1990eb Nonlinear programming
ELECTRONIC T57.8 .M34 1994eb Nonlinear programming
ELECTRONIC T57.74 .J63 1980eb
Integer programming
ELECTRONIC T57.74 .W75 1997eb
Primal-dual interior-point methods
ELECTRONIC T57.79 .A66 2005eb Applications of stochastic programming
ELECTRONIC T57.79 .S54 2009eb Lectures on stochastic programming
ELECTRONIC T57.83 .A67 2005eb Applied dynamic programming for optimization of dynamical systems
ELECTRONIC T57.83 .H83 2001eb Combinatorial data analysis
ELECTRONIC T57.815 .B46 2001eb Lectures on modern convex optimization
T174 .K35 2011
Technological nature : adaptation and the future of human life
ELECTRONIC TA174 .S762 2002eb Design sensitivity analysis
ELECTRONIC TA169 .B36 1998eb
Engineering reliability
ELECTRONIC TA169 .B37 1996eb Mathematical theory of reliability
ELECTRONIC TA331 .S95 1989eb
Symbolic computation
ELECTRONIC TA342 .C67 2009eb Introduction to derivative-free optimization
ELECTRONIC TA345 .Z84 2007eb Linear feedback control
ELECTRONIC TA357 .G88 2003eb
Perspectives in flow control and optimization
ELECTRONIC TA357.5.M84 C45 2006eb
Computational methods for multiphase flows in porous media
ELECTRONIC TA357.5.V56 O68 1998eb Optimal control of viscous flow
ELECTRONIC TA418.9.S62 S86 2005eb
Smart material systems
ELECTRONIC TA418.78 .S65 2001eb A primer for sampling solids, liquids, and gases
ELECTRONIC TA418.78 .Z64 2007eb An introduction to modeling and simulation of particulate flows
ELECTRONIC TA418.84 .B36 2000eb
Electromagnetic material interrogation using conductive interfaces and acoustic wavefronts
ELECTRONIC TA645 .H63 2003eb Finite element methods with B-splines
ELECTRONIC TA658.8 .H35 2003eb Introduction to shape optimization
ELECTRONIC TA1637 .C4775 2005eb Image processing and analysis
ELECTRONIC TA1637 .M356 2001eb Mathematical methods in image reconstruction
ELECTRONIC TA1637 .M628 2009eb FAIR
TD791 .S658 2011
Solid waste technology & management
TF23 .B33 1978
America's colorful railroads
ELECTRONIC TJ213 .K3924 1999eb
Singular perturbation methods in control
ELECTRONIC TJ213 .M485 2007eb
Stability and stabilization of time-delay systems
ELECTRONIC TJ213 .P264 2003eb Control in an information rich world
ELECTRONIC TJ214 .H83 2004eb Nonlinear output regulation
ELECTRONIC TJ216 .D42 2009eb Feedback systems
ELECTRONIC TJ217 .H68 2010eb L1 adaptive control theory
ELECTRONIC TJ217 .L47 2002eb Neuro-fuzzy control of industrial systems with actuator nonlinearities
TK2931 .B35 2009
Fuel cells : problems and solutions
ELECTRONIC TK5103.4 .K35 2002eb
Stochastic modeling in broadband communications systems
ELECTRONIC TK5105.884 .B47 2005eb
Understanding search engines
ELECTRONIC TK6575 .C476 2009eb Fundamentals of radar imaging
TL553.8 .F86 2005 Fundamentals of search and rescue
ELECTRONIC TL571 .T68 1993eb
Transonic aerodynamics
ELECTRONIC TP155.75 .B54 2010eb
Nonlinear programming
ELECTRONIC TN871 .C465 2007eb
Reservoir simulation
ELECTRONIC TN871 .M3844 1983eb
The mathematics of reservoir simulation
TR140.L3 G645 2010
California on the breadlines
ELECTRONIC TS156.8 .C95 1997eb
Statistical case studies for industrial process improvement
ELECTRONIC TS156.8 .M348 2002eb
Multivariate statistical process control with industrial applications
TX353 .C565 2011
Cuisine and culture
TX361.A8 A97 2011
Performance nutrition
TX714 .S613 1994
Great recipes from the New York times
TX715 .C6318 1998
The four ingredient cookbooks
TX715 .N5253 1988
New Orleans chefs cookbook
TX724.5.I4 S24 1980
Classic Indian cooking
U- Military Science
ELECTRONIC UG447.8 .B585 2003eb Bioterrorism
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 U27 2009eb
UAV cooperative decision and control
UG1242.R4 G73 1996
SR-71 revealed
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
ELECTRONIC Z253.4.L38 G75 1997eb Learning LaTeX
ELECTRONIC Z695.92 .S27 1975eb
A theory of indexing
ZA3075 .M43 2011
Becoming confident teachers
U. S. Documents
Texas Documents
MICROFORMS Journal of the American Dietetic Association. [serial]
MICROFORMS Journal of business research. [serial].
MICROFORMS Journal of professional nursing : official journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. [serial].