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Help and FAQs

studying in the library

Dick Smith Library offers research and informational assistance you can access in a variety of ways:

  • Call 254-968-9249 or come see us anytime during regular library hours.
  • Send questions to Ask a librarian. We'll respond as soon as possible.
  • Check the links and FAQs below for more information.

If the information you need is not listed, please contact the library's Reference Department (254-968-9249 or We are eager to answer your questions.


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Q: What do I do if I need materials that Tarleton Libraries don’t have?

A: You can get materials in two ways:

1)      Request them through Interlibrary Loan. We will contact other libraries and ask that the item be delivered to your local Tarleton library or delivered electronically if possible.

2)      Get a TexShare card by requesting one from your Tarleton Libraries each semester (fall, spring and summer) . Your TexShare card will allow you to go to another TexShare library and check out items based on each library’s policies.


Q: Where do I check out items?

A: You can check out items at the circulation desk in the library's lobby. 

Q: How many items can I have checked out at one time? How long can I check them out for?

A: The answers to these questions vary depending on what you are checking out. To get detailed information about checkout limits and loan periods, see the Circulation Services page. 

Q: What do I need to check out items from the library?

A: Your Texan Card is your library card so you should always bring it with you so you can easily check items out and use the printers.  You can also check out items using a photo ID.

Q: Someone has checked out an item that I need. How can I place a hold on it so that I can check it out when it is turned in?

A: You can place a hold on the item through the library catalog.

  • Find the catalog record for the item you want, and click the “Place a Hold” link in the record and log in with your NTNET credentials.
  • Choose where you want the item to be held and click on “Place Hold.”


Q.  My teacher said that a book or article for class is on reserve in the library. Where can I find it?

A.  You find course reserve materials in two ways:

1)      Ask for information at the circulation desk in the library’s lobby.

2)      Look up items by going to the Course Reserves feature in the library catalog and look up items by instructor name, course number or course name.

Q.  How do I check out course reserve materials?

A.  How you check out these items depends on if they are physical items in the library or if they’re online.

1)      For physical items in the library, you can check items out at the circulation desk in the library’s lobby using your Texan Card of a photo ID. 

2)      For online items, get the password from your teacher, look for the item in the Course Reserves section of the library catalog, and open the item using the password your teacher gave you.


Q: Where do I go to send or receive a fax?

A: You can send and receive faxes at the Circulation Desk in the lobby of the library. For more information see the Circulation Services page.

Q: Does the library have scanners I can use?

A: Yes! We have two stand-alone KIC scanners. One located in the printing room on the library’s top floor, and the other in the copy center near the periodicals desk on the main floor. From these scanners you can save your documents to a flash drive or e-mail them to yourself. We also have a scanner on the lower floor. You can scan your documents and save them to a flash drive or your T:drive, or you can e-mail them to yourself.


Q: How do I log into my library account?

A: Go to the library catalog, click “My Account,” and choose the action you want: review account, renew materials or update address.  Then, log in with your NTNET credentials and perform the desired actions.

Q: How do I renew the items I have checked out?

A: Go to the library catalog, click “My Account.”  Choose “Renew Materials,” enter your NTNET credentials and choose “List Charged Items.” Check off the items you want to renew and choose “Renew Selected Items.”


Q: Where can I go to listen to an assignment or watch a video?

A: If your assignment is online, you can connect headphones to any of the library computers and listen through the headphones.

If you need more specialized audiovisual (AV) equipment, we have some types of AV viewing equipment available in the library.

Q. Does the library provide headphones?

A. No. You need to bring your own or buy them from the Campus Store vending machine, located on the main floor of the library.


Q. How much money do I get for printing each semester?

A. Each student gets $5.00 printing credits each semester (fall, spring, and summer).

Q. Do I have to have my Texan Card with me to print on campus?

A. No. You can log in to the networked campus printers using your NTNET login, but using your Texan Card is faster.

Q. How do I add printing money to my account?

A. When your $5.00 printing credits are used up, you can add Texan Bucks to your Texan Card for future printing. To add Texan Bucks to your card, go to the Manage Your Card site, log in, and add more money to your card. You can also add money at one of the deposit stations around campus (including in the Library's main copy center) and at the Texan Card office.

Q. If I don’t use all my printing credits this semester, will they carry over to next semester?

A. No. Printing credits do not roll over to the next semester.

Q: Can I use my printer money for making copies?

A: No. The free printing credits students are given each semester cannot be used to make copies. You can use Texan Bucks or cash to pay for copies.

Q: Can I print from my personal laptop or mobile device?

A: Yes! You can using the Pharos MobilePrint system. Go to the MobilePrint help site for more information.


Q: What study spaces are available in the library?

A: We have numerous study spaces available, depending on your needs. On the lower level, there is a presentation practice room, an AV viewing room, and study tables. On the top floor, there are group study rooms, individual study carrels, and a quiet study area in the back of the library near the Tarleton gates mural. On the main floor we have several collaboration tables, two collaboration rooms, and various couches and tables available for studying.

Q:  How do I reserve a study room?

A:  Most library study rooms are first come, first served.  However, Study Rooms 225 and 231 can be reserved by calling the circulation desk at 254-968-9450 or by stopping by the desk. 

Learn more about library study and meeting room policies.


Q: How do I connect to the campus Wi-Fi?

A: We recommend that you connect to the Texans-NTNET Wi-Fi network, which will give you access to library databases and other secure parts of the Tarleton network. To connect to Texans-NTNET Wi-Fi, choose that network from the list of available networks and log in with your NTNET credentials.

Q: Can I connect to the Wi-Fi as a guest?

A: Yes! You can connect to the Texans-Guest network. The ITS website has full instructions on how to access this network.