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Video Resumes Do Pay Off

December 19, 2013

Stephenville, Texas - Students in the College of Business First Year Seminar class during the fall semester of 2013 all were required to create video resumes, through Corner Stone Staffing, for their final exam. Three students were lucky enough to receive gift cards for their video resume submission.

Megan Montelongo, Corner Stone Staffing representative, will tell you that “video resumes are going to be the new thing” and how it makes interviewing easier for the employer. Montelongo tried encouraging the students to record a video by giving an incentive. Anyone who submitted their video early would get their name in a drawling for a $100 and two $50 Visa gift cards. Eleven students were placed in the drawing.

Cassidy McCowan won $100. McCowan had the First Year Seminar class on Mondays at noon. McCowan is from Mesquite, Texas. She attended Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School and graduated in 2013. During her video resume, she talked about what she can offer a company, what her biggest accomplishments have been, and what others think of her. McCowan is striving to become a high school business teacher.

Victoria Simmons from Colleyville, Texas, won a $50 Visa gift card. She attended Nolan Catholic High School and also graduated in 2013. Simmons has dreams of becoming a financial director. During her video she mentioned the values she can bring to a company, what challenges she looks for in a company, and what motivates her. A little extra about Simmons is that she likes to draw and loves her cats. 

The last of our winners was Cameron Gomez. He won $50 and spent it on concert tickets. Gomez went to high school at Crowley High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Graduating with a master’s degree is part of his plan. After he finishes his education, he would like to become an accountant. He is currently running cross country and in track here at Tarleton. During his video he said what his biggest accomplishment has been, what he can bring to a company, and what motivates him.

Video Resumess

Intern to Learn Ansley Bartley(left), winner Cassidy McCowan(middle), and Mr. Cary Winsett(Left)

Video Resumes

Intern to Learn Ansley Bartley(left), Victoria Simmons(middle) and Mr. Cary Winsett(right).

Video Resumes

Intern to Learn Ansley Bartley(left), Cameron Gomez(middle) and Mr. Cary Winsett(right).

Contact: Mr. Cary Winsett