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Welcome to the Office of the President!

"Tarleton provides both the context and curriculum to understand the global and local problems that face us today."
"I have come to understand that Tarleton is unique in its history, character, and opportunities. Spirit, pride and tradition are woven into our fabric."
"Ten years ago, we—the community, Tarleton and the Texas A&M System—set out on a journey—like explorers heading off to unknown worlds, with the purpose of providing a quality public education to the citizens of Central Texas."
"Tonight’s recipients of the All Purple Award have shown exceptional support and dedication to Tarleton athletics. They join an elite group as our circle of loyal “purple” friends continues to grow."
"In my short time at Tarleton, I have discovered incredible spirit and pride in our traditions."
"On campus, students have the opportunity to connect with each other through a variety of activities. The student-athlete experience is one of the most important because it develops not only the skills for competition in sport, but for life."
"Be assured that today’s students are talented, motivated, and preparing for the future. They are making memories. And, they are making a difference on the campus and in the community."
"International Week at Tarleton provides us with a forum for celebrating the many ways that this campus is enriched by students from some 25 different nations. The students from these nations provide a wonderful educational opportunity for our students."
"We are reminded that, as citizens, with our rights come responsibilities. We are called to live the values on which this nation was founded, the values for which so many have given so much."
"As I told prospective students, Tarleton is the true university of the American dream: big enough for them to chase their dreams yet small enough to be a warm, caring and friendly place."
"At perhaps no other time in our history have we been more aware of the strength, commitment, and importance of our military reserves."
"It is no accident that we use the language of family to describe our relationships at Tarleton. This is, indeed, a family."
"Over the past months, you have shown each and every day the depth and breadth of your talents and how you make a difference in the lives of students, faculty and other staff."
"We need you to be our storyteller carrying the message of Tarleton’s excellence to your communities and colleagues. Help us advance the reputation of the university."
"The friendships and connections you maintain with TSU make you valued members of the Tarleton family. And your support testifies to the community pride that makes this a wonderful place for a university."
"I’ve been around a number of universities, and I can tell you that Tarleton is a place of uncommon spirit, pride and tradition. "
"In order to remain competitive and to provide the highest quality education possible, we must find ways to operate more efficiently and, most importantly, to develop strategies that support growth. That is how we will carry forward our legacy of being an affordable, quality university."
"Clearly the original vision for [The Thompson Student Center] to provide a "living room" for our students, the campus and the community has been met. And now with this renovation, a great facility named to honor a great man has become even better."
"Graduates, today we honor you for your contributions to Tarleton – in the classroom and beyond. By your presence on the campus and your many good works, you have made Tarleton a better place."
"We will teach students and deliver great service to them and to each other because we have protected our core mission of teaching, research, scholarship and service."
"We talk a great deal about helping each student see the link between their academic endeavors and real world events. [The Congressman Charlie Stenholm Gallery] and the papers associated with it, makes service real."
"Our opportunity for distinction is to connect a university education to real life issues, to effectively link in-class and out-of-class learning."
"Tonight what we're doing is we're celebrating an extraordinary man. A man with of vision who change the lives of thousands of students since 1899."
"Today, we are announcing a transformational gift to Tarleton that expands opportunities for higher education, builds a stronger workforce for the employers, and improves the quality of life for the citizens of this community."
"We talked about the need for alignment. We wanted to make sure everybody was moving in the same direction and that was part of the reason why it was important that we had as many people involved in the process."
"You know, many times since I've been at Tarleton, I have said that this is a remarkable place because of the spirit, the pride, and the traditions of this university and this Texan Tour and these students that you see out here this morning are a great reflection of just that."
"I'll tell you this. One of the reasons I believe we're moving ever closer to the vision of the premiere student focused University in Texas and beyond is that we have a strategic plan and is really being used day by day."
"I do appreciate you being here and spending as much quality time as you can, providing us with the good ideas that are going to be great ideas that are going to move this university forward."
"You know we've said that we have the largest incoming class in our history but you need to understand this. Because it's not just about large numbers. But it's also the most academically talented, and I think, based on what I've seen, the most spirited class that we've ever seen."
"Creating a wave of opportunity in a lot of ways is what we hope to accomplish today. To begin to create that wave."
"I know I am excited about this new year and I have been energized over the last couple of weeks because of our talented students that have been here during transition week and all the great activities we've participated with them."
"I know for me it is a day I've been waiting to host for some number of years from the first day I sat in Memorial Stadium looking into that West Texas sun."
"Fort Worth is known worldwide as a dynamic, progressive city — a thriving business, cultural and educational center. Tarleton State University is proud to contribute to that reputation and to share in that bright future."
"Having these spaces is also important to us because at Tarleton, for many years – for most of our history for that matter – has had a very close association with the military. It has been embedded in our traditions; it is part of who we are as a university."
"Having these spaces is also important to us because at Tarleton, for many years – for most of our history for that matter – has had a very close association with the military. It has been embedded in our traditions; it is part of who we are as a university."
"You all know that student success is not defined solely by earning credits or us handing them a diploma at commencement. It is a lot more than that. "
"I think that we can all agree that this groundbreaking, for what is going to be a significant new piece of the Tarleton Skyline, is going to be a powerful reminder that the future is indeed very bright for both Tarleton and the Stephenville community. "
"It's the spirit of those traditions in the past, it is the pride of the great programs we have here at Tarleton today and it's also with the idea of a brighter future for this university over the next 100 years, that we want to now present the new Texan Rider. "

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