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Name and Department Position Contact
Dr. Wayne Atchley
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences
ALE Coordinator
Chair ALE Council
Box T-0040
Dr. Denise Martinez
Dept Head and Associate Professor
Dept. of Engineering and Computer Science
Co-Chair ALE Council 254-968-9924
Box T-0508
Ms. Darla Doty
Assistant Vice President
Student Life
Co-Chair ALE Council 254-968-9490
Box T-0670
Ms. Alana Hefner
Director of Career Services
Student Life
Internship/Practicum Experiences 254-968-9078
Box T-0550
Dr. Marilyn Robitaille
Director of International Programs
Associate Professor
Dept. of English and Languages
Study Abroad/Study Away 254-968-9632
Box T-0770
Dr. Arthur Low
Dept. of Chemistry, Geosciences,
and Environmental Science
Undergraduate Research/Creative Activities 254-968-9144
Box T-0540
Mr. Darrell Brown
Executive Director of Student Engagement
Student Life
Service Learning and Leadership 254-968-9256
Box T-0690
Dr. Melissa Becker
Associate Professor
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
Outreach Center ALE Programs 817-732-7300
Box T-0008
Dr. Diane Taylor
Vice President
Division of Academic Affairs
Ex-Officio 254-968-9103
Box T-0010