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Additional Approval

Special Permission Courses

Certain courses require special permission before they can be dropped. These include developmental-level courses and freshman-level Math and English courses. Undergraduate students requesting to drop a course that requires special permission must obtain the appropriate approval before submitting the Q-Drop Request Form.

List of courses that require special permission and how to obtain the approval.


Since dropping a course can affect athletic eligibility, athletes must first obtain approval from the Athletic Compliance Officer before initiating the drop process. A "Permission to Drop Request/Approval" form must be submitted along with the Q-Drop Request Form to be considered.

For more information, contact Cheri Evans at (254) 968-0560 or

Veterans Affairs

Student who receive Veterans Affairs benefits and who have had their courses certified, must obtain approval from the Veterans Affairs office before dropping a course. A course will not be dropped without VA approval.

For more information, contact the Veterans Affairs office at (254) 968-9126 or

Chemistry Courses with Labs

To avoid a registration hold, students must turn in their Chemistry lab equipment before dropping a Chemistry course. A "checkout slip" will be issued to the student once the equipment is returned. The slip must accompany the Q-Drop Request Form. The drop will not be processed without the slip.

Students can obtain a Chemistry lab checkout slip by returning their lab equipment to the Chemistry stockroom, located in Science 441. Contact Stephen Mercer at (254) 968-9151 for additional information.