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Obtain Tarleton Approvals

Your grant proposal or application must start the approval process at least ten working days before the required proposal submission deadline. 

Institutional review provides clear definitions of University resource issues and needs including, but not limited to:

  • Classroom, laboratory, meeting, office, storage and other space;
  • Required modifications to electricity, plumbing, ventilation and security;
  • Scientific integrity of data and laboratory specimens;
  • Faculty release time;
  • Computer resources;
  • Sources of funding to meet matching requirements;and
  • Indirect costs allowed.

The University's internal approval of the proposal formally confirms each responsible person -- the project director, the appropriate department head and dean or vice-president, the contracts administrator and Business Services Office, the Vice-President for Finance and Administration, the Provost/Academic Affairs, and (for projects with a total budget over $100,000) the President -- understands and agrees with the proposal as it will be submitted.

Approvals are recorded on a transmittal sheet that summarizes the project's reporting and financial requirements and has spaces for signatures from all the appropriate people.  This internal document also clarifies the account sources for cost-sharing and other institutional agreements that were made to support the project.

To obtain necessary approvals:

  1. Complete all the information on the transmittal sheet.  If you are not sure how to fill in some of the blanks, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects for help.
  2. Put the transmittal sheet on top of your complete grant application document to create the review packet.
  3. Take the packet to your department head and then your Dean or Vice-President to obtain the first two approval signatures.
  4. Bring the review packet to the Office of Sponsored Projects (Mathematics Building, Room 117) for a final check to make sure you have covered everything that might delay review of your proposal.
  5. Sponsored Projects will track your packet through the approval process and notify you when all approvals have been received.  Be prepared to provide explanations and additional information if questions arise while your application is reviewed.