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Use of Vertebrate Animal Subjects

IACUC Mission Statement

Tarleton State University's (TSU's) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees all aspects of TSU animal care and use programs for teaching and research.  The IACUC reviews all animal use protocols, ensures compliance with federal regulations, inspects animal facility and laboratories, and oversees training and educational programs.  the IACUC serves as a resource to faculty, investigators, technicians, students, staff, and administrators and provides guidance for all animal use procedures with the highest scientific, human, and ethical principles.

The IACUC is composed a a chair person, a veterinarian, research scientists, non-scientists, and community representatives.

The IACUC makes semiannual inspections of all facilities, laboratories, and farms where animals are housed or utilized.

The IACUC is scheduled to meet monthly and reviews all properly submitted proposals at that time.


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

  • Chairman:  Kimberly Guay, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science and Vetrinary Technology
    • Ex Officio:  Barry Lambert, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research
  • Jeff Breeden, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Wildlife, Sustainablity and Ecosystem Sciences
  • Hector Davis, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Dustin Dorris, DVM (Attending Veterinarian)  Cornerstone Animal Hospital, Stephenville, TX
  • Scot Jackson, (Community Representative) Stephenville, TX
  • Russell Pfau, PhD, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • James Pierce, PhD, Professor and Dean of College of Science and Technology
  • Hugo Ramirez, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Southwest Regional Dairy Center, Department of Animal Science and Veterinary Technology
  • Max Sanderford, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Physiologist
  • Kent Styron, Director, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Daniel Weber, Instructor of Animal Science and Director of the Equine Center, Department of Animal Science and Veterirany Technology
  • Proxy:  Roger Wittie, PhD, Executive Director for the Office of Faculty Research and Professor in the Department of Wildlife, Sustainability, and Ecosystem Sciences

                                                                                  Updated May 1, 2015