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Child Development Center (CDC) Closed on Labor Day

The lack of child attendance as reported by enrolled families drove the decision to close the program on Labor Day.

The CDC did not plan to be closed but upon learning that enrolled families had made alternate arrangements for care, an in service training was organized one week before the closure.  In service trainings are required periodically for CDC center accreditation, and this seemed an excellent opportunity for such an activity.

This date minimized hardship because all enrolled families had made alternate arrangements. In many cases at least one parent was off for the holiday (in contrast to other work days).

Upon receipt of the complaint the CDC arranged to reschedule all training to accommodate parents who may reconsider and request care.

Upon announcement of the opening of the program all families continued to indicate that alternate arrangements are still in place.

Thank you for all of your service and please continue to use the Staff Council comments box to voice future comments and concerns.

Staff Council

Staff Council