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Comments/Items to be Addressed

  • I still want to know if the housing cleaning crew will have a parking space since we will be in groups. -Anonymous
  • I read with interest the e-mail from Dr. Murray yesterday regarding Tarleton's search for a new CFO.  It was very disappointing to hear that the person who was certainly the most qualified and in fact may have been the only finalist that had any true experience withdrew his name. This is a position that is demands a person who can understand the complexities of Texas State finances and is capable of providing clear leadership.   Ironically, we have people on our campus that have experience in this area, but for some reason determined not to be worthy of consideration.  I hope that with the withdraw of Dr. Vinzant that we will go back and search for more qualified candidates. It would be better to have an interim person in the CFO position than to rush to fill the position with someone because it is convenient. Thank you Staff Council for providing a forum for expressing our concerns. Sadly, our lines of communication for this campus are limited and the concern for retaliation is high. I hope this communication is made known to Dr. Dottavio and it is also my hope that he will consider what is best for the university when making his decisions.  -Anonymous (This comment was forwarded to Dr. Dottavio and Dr. Murray)