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Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition Awards Nomination Form

Deadline: March 29th, 2016

The Employee Recognition Task Force is continuing to work on a campus-wide immediate recognition program and a teamwork award.

Award Description

The following areas of employee recognition are normally awarded annually to staff members who clearly go beyond the normal job duties and demonstrate behavior that supports the criteria for the award. (Click on an award to see the criteria.)

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Horizon Award

Recognition of a staff member who volunteers their time or resources to the betterment of their community, thereby building and maintaining relationships that extend the reputation and impact of Tarleton State University, or is an active member of an organization providing Tarleton students leadership and service opportunities contributing to student participation in community service.

  • Volunteers time or resources to work on improvement projects on the Tarleton campus or outside the University community
  • Serves as an active member of an organization that provides the Tarleton community with opportunities to become active in volunteer service and leadership
  • Develops and maintains relationships that extend the reputation and impact of the University
  • Serves as role model, coach, friend or advisor that people seek for help and professional development
  • Volunteers time or resources to help with Tarleton events outside of the normal job duties of the employee. (i.e. taking tickets at the rodeo, accompanying students on a school related trip)
  • Volunteers to serve on a task force or committee within the University
Impact Award

Recognition of a staff member who displays outstanding problem solving, resourcefulness, and innovation toward reducing University costs and improving safety.

  • Problem solving/resourceful
    • Uses alternative methods or comes up with creative solution to a problem
    • Takes initiative in absence of supervision
    • Overcomes obstacles and works well under unusual circumstances
  • Cost savings
    • Identifies innovative ways to save finances
    • Initiates preventative measures or ways to save resources
    • Performs job in a way that saves university money, time and/or materials
  • Safety
    • Identifies and corrects potential safety issues in the work area and across the University
    • Takes actions to prevent injury to employees
    • Makes recommendations for improving safe work practices
Quality Service Award

Recognition of a staff member who “goes the extra mile,” exhibiting outstanding dedication to Tarleton State University and their position, all while maintaining a positive attitude and demonstrating exemplary service.

  • Goes the extra mile
    • Takes actions beyond normal job responsibilities to ensure the customer’s needs are fully met
    • Creates a positive impression and experience
    • Resolves conflicts or problems and demonstrates concern for customers
    • Anticipates potential problems and takes actions to prevent or mitigate
    • Creates an atmosphere of openness encouraging others to feel that any concern will be heard and acted upon
  • Dedication
    • Exhibits passion for job
    • Represents the “whole” university not just assigned department
    • Seeks opportunities to support university activities without being prompted by others
  • Positive attitude
    • Maintains an open, genuine and helpful attitude even when faced with conflict
    • Encourages others to perform at their highest level
    • Maintains a spirit of helpfulness that is recognized by people from both inside and outside of Tarleton
    • Personalizes service by showing care for each customer’s needs as individuals
  • Civility and Integrity
    • Respects others
    • Makes others feel valued
    • Contributes to mutual respect, effective communication and team collaboration
    • Treats others fairly and truthfully
  • Tarleton spirit
    • Demonstrates pride in being a part of Tarleton by actions such as:
      • Ensuring the campus provides a positive experience for anyone entering the campus
      • Representing Tarleton in a professional and positive manner when interacting with anyone outside the university
    • Takes an active support role in Tarleton activities outside the employee’s normal job duties
    • Displays Tarleton pride on or off campus
Enhancing the Student Experience Award

Recognition of a staff member whose role does not involve teaching, but who nonetheless directly and significantly contributes to the student learning experience. Nominees are those who interact enthusiastically and effectively with students using opportunities productively to promote learning and address individual student needs. Exemplifies extraordinary efforts to increase student success, and is presented to an individual who demonstrates the most outstanding achievements in providing inspiration and innovation in enhancing the student experience.

  • Serves as a role model, coach, friend or advisor that students seek for help and support in personal and professional development, and assists students above and beyond in navigating college life skills
  • Makes outstanding contributions to student learning, by demonstrating exemplary initiative in offering students a personally and/or intellectually rewarding co-curricular and/or applied learning experience
  • Helps involve students in University life ‘beyond the classroom’ such that students feel like valued members of the Tarleton community
  • Contributes to the support of students’ academic, personal, social and cultural needs
  • Creates or supports an inclusive student environment that embraces diversity and equality
  • Supports the University’s core values (Tradition, Civility, Integrity, Excellence, Service and Leadership) in efforts to help Tarleton become the premier student-centered institution of higher learning in Texas.

Award Recognition Levels

  • The top three nominees for each award will receive one paid day off to be taken within 12 months of the award in accordance with the Administrative Leave section of System Regulation 31.03.03, Leave of Absence With Pay.
  • Each award recipient will receive a $1,500 one-time award (before taxes and other required deductions).


  1. Nominees must be a Tarleton State University staff member employed in a full-time budgeted position.
  2. Employees who have retired during the year of the award are eligible for nomination.
  3. Nominees must be in good standing with their department and the University as evidenced by a current satisfactory performance evaluation.
  4. Employees at or above the vice president or equivalent level are not eligible for nomination. The associate or assistant vice president positions are eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations may come from any person on or off campus.
  2. Employee may not self-nominate.
  3. Nominations must be submitted on the Staff Recognition Nomination form.
    • Nominator must designate award for which the employee is being nominated.
    • An employee may be nominated for more than one award in the same year; however, the employee may not be nominated for multiple awards by the same nominator.
    • All fields of the form must be completed.
  4. The reasons for nomination must clearly exceed the employee’s normal job duties.
  5. Nominations must include specific examples (description of actions, persons involved and dates, if known).
  6. Actions must clearly demonstrate the award criteria.
  7. Nomination forms will be accepted anytime during the award year up to the closing date.
  8. Nominations must be submitted to Employee Services by the award closing date to be considered for that year’s awards.
  9. Each nomination must include a minimum of one letter of support, not to exceed three letters, from an individual, other than the nominator, who has personal knowledge of or who has benefited from the nominee’s actions.
  10. Additional supporting materials may be attached to the nomination form.

Selection Process

  1. A standing university committee comprised of a representative cross-section of the university will be formed to review, rank and recommend nominees. At a minimum, the selection committee will be comprised of the following:
    • One representative from each division (Academic Affairs, Athletics, Enrollment and Information Management, Finance and Administration, Institutional Advancement, and Student Life). The Vice President for each division and the Athletic Director will ensure a representative from their respective area is appointed.
    • The recipient of each award from the previous year
    • A Employee Services representative (ex-officio member used to determine if nominee meets the eligibility requirements)
    • A chair selected from one of the members of the selection committee
  2. The selection committee may include additional members as deemed appropriate by the chair.
  3. Selection committee service is for three years, with one-third of the membership rotating off every year as determined by the selection committee chair.
    • If a member of the selection committee is nominated for an award, that member must be replaced by a representative from that member’s division.
  4. Employee Services will review the nominees to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements for the award and forward the nomination forms for eligible nominees to the selection committee.
  5. The selection committee will review the nominees to determine if the nomination supports the criteria for the award.
    • Nominations that do not contain sufficient information for the committee to evaluate may be sent back to the nominator for additional information at the discretion of the selection committee
    • The selection committee may recommend no award be given for an academic year if the nominees do not clearly exemplify the award criteria
  6. The selection committee will submit their recommendation for the top three nominees in each award category to the Executive Leadership Cabinet for final review at least 30 days from the expected date of the award. From the top three nominees, the Cabinet will recommend a recipient for each award to the President for approval. The Cabinet may request additional information in support of the recommendations.
  7. Upon approval by the President, the selection committee will provide the name of the recipient for the award and a copy of the recipient’s nomination form to the Staff Council Employee Recognition Committee. All nomination forms will be returned to Employee Services to be maintained as reference for future review. Following notification, the Employee Recognition Committee will coordinate the announcement and celebration of the award in collaboration with the President’s Office.

Award Criteria Review

  1. The selection committee will review each award criteria annually to ensure the criteria are current with University expectations.
    • Normally, this review should occur near the end of the award period
    • An employee survey may be used to gauge the effectiveness and value of the awards and to identify other recognition ideas and enhancements
    • Changes to award criteria will be effective for the following award period
  2. Changes to award criteria must be approved by the President's Cabinet.
  3. Updated award criteria must be conveyed to the University community in a timely manner following approval. The method of communicating the criteria may be by e-mail, newsletter, or other means determined appropriate by the selection committee.