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Staff feedback from Staff Council's Ice Cream Social Discussion Forum, May 2014

  • Huge Kudos to you guys! :) Tanya Staggs
  • This is a wonderful break for a summer afternoon. Thanks. SC
  • Thank you so much for this! What a "sweet" treat! - The Staff Development Day was awesome too! The sessions were great!
  • Kudos for the Ice Cream Social! It's uncomplicated and a fun, tasty way to interact with fellow staff.
  • Kudos to Staff Council for the Ice Cream Social! Wish more staff would take advantage.
  • Thank you so much! It is great to get a quick break, refreshing snack, and say hello to people we don't get to see very often during the busier semesters.
  • Amazing Event! Thank you for providing for us!
  • This was wonderful! Thank you for all the wonderful activities you provide for the staff!
  • Great seeing people that I haven't seen in quite a while. Everyone is so spread out now. Ice cream was delicious.
  • Great meeting new staff and ice cream was delicious.
  • Love the Ice Cream! Thank You!

getting ice creamStaff members selecting their ice cream flavorsTopping the ice cream