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Staff Council Employee Scholarship

Award amount:

  • Graduate - Up to $180.00 per semester hour for a maximum of 6 hours per semester
  • Undergraduate – Up to $140.00 per semester hour for a maximum of 6 hours per semester
  • Non-Degree Seeking – Up to $120 per semester hour for a maximum of 3 hours per semester

The actual scholarship amount will vary depending on a number of factors which may include:

  • First time scholarship versus subsequent scholarship award
  • Percent job effort
  • Number of hours enrolled
  • Grade point average
  • Available funds

To be eligible for a Staff Council Scholarship, you must:

  • Meet the following criteria:
    • Be a Tarleton Staff employee budgeted by name in at least a 50% effort position (positions requiring student status are not eligible)
    • Be in good standing with the University
    • Have an average GPA of 2.0 or better (employees without an established GPA will be eligible)
  • Submit the following completed scholarship applications into the Scholarship Office (Box T-0670). Scholarships applications may be submitted at any time, however, to ensure they are received in time for consideration for a given semester they must be submitted by August 15 for the fall semester or December 15 for the spring semester
  • Reduction of the number of hours an applicant is enrolled in after a scholarship is awarded may affect the amount of the scholarship they are eligible for.
  • A Staff Council Scholarship Committee comprised of the following will utilize Tarleton Scholarship standards and review the applications:
    • a Staff Council member as committee chair and co-chair,
    • Staff Council Past President, 
    • at least two other members (may be non-Staff Council members), and
    • Director of Scholarships will serve as an ex-officio member.
  • Staff Council Scholarship Committee members may apply for the scholarship, however, they must excuse themselves from deliberation of their application.