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Risk Management

Risk Management for Student Organizations and Advisors

In response to House Bill 2639, a Risk Management training program has been developed.

All student organizations should be concerned with risk management. No matter how big an event or how small an activity; risk will be present at some level. Learning to manage risk will reduce individual liability and ensure a fun, safe environment for participants.

Risk Management is the process of considering the potential and perceived risk involved in activities. It includes monitoring organization activities and taking both corrective action and proactive steps to minimize accidental injury and/or loss.

This website will provide you with information to help identify risk and take proactive steps before difficult situations arise.

Training Dates

Each recognized student organization is required to designate a risk management officer. It can be a stand alone position or duties encumbered into another office. The risk management officer is required to complete the risk management training annually. If the risk management officer has been trained previously, he/she has the option of re-certifying by reviewing the risk management information on the Student Activities website and submitting a Statement of Completion to our office.

If the risk management officer fails to attend training, activities deemed risky will not be approved. If the risk management officer resigns or is removed from his/her office, Student Activities will work with the organization to become compliant.

All organization advisors must attend a one-time training session. Training will carry over from year to year.

Fall 2017 dates will be announced soon

Once an executive member attends a risk management session, he/she must relay all information to their organization and submit a Statement of Completion to Student Activities. Information to properly train your organization is found under Training Your Organization. Organizations are required to update their risk management policy every 5 years. If you are unsure how to do that, you may refer to Adopting a Risk Management Policy. For verification of your organization's risk management policy, contact Student Activities.

The following links will provide you with additional information, PowerPoints, and websites regarding risk management issues.