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The mission of the Office of Student Research and Creative Activities is to facilitate the engagement of students in scholarly activity related to their disciplines by providing resources that support both student scholars and faculty mentors. 

Student research and creative activities are defined here as student engagement in original research, scholarly activity, and/or creative activity, mentored by a faculty member, with the goal of publication, presentation, performance, or exhibition of the results or products beyond the Tarleton campus community.

There are four key elements to this definition that should be emphasized: (1) originality, partially or totally, of the project, (2) the mentoring relationship between the student and faculty mentor, whose responsibility is to actively guide student scholars in the methods of their disciplines, (3) the goal that the results will be shared with others beyond the Tarleton campus community so that a contribution is made to the discipline and that students gain experiences beyond that of a classroom assignment, and (4) that the product is peer reviewed or judged.