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Funded Projects Fall 2013

  • Student Research Grants
    • John Burgess and Dr. Randy Harp (faculty mentor), Department of Animal Science & Wildlife Management: Effect of fenceline contact at weaning for performance in beef calves.
    • Chin Yeow and Dr. Janice Speshock (faculty mentor), Department of Biological Sciences: The use of ELISA protein assays to determine the effects of silver nanomaterials on interferon production.
  • Student Travel Grants
    • Madison Campbell, Department of Communication Studies: The Do's and Don'ts of Live-Blogging with Undergraduate Reporters: Tips and Perspectives from the Professors and Reporters. To be presented at the 3rd Annual Social Media Technology Conference & Workshop in Bowie, MD (faculty mentor: Dr. Sarah Maben).
    • Jacqueline Glass, Department of Animal Science & Wildlife Management: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Spinose Ear Ticks (Otobius megnini), and Hard Ticks (Ixodidae) at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. To be presented at the Entomology Society of America 2013 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX (faculty mentor: Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner).
    • Blake Lohn-Wiley, Department of Mathematics: Particle shapes of 3D populations from 2D numerical modeling. To be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group in Laurel, MD (faculty mentor: Dr. Bowen Brawner).
    • Callie Price, Department of Biological Sciences: Spatial and temporal distribution of spinose ear ticks, Otobius megnini), within animal shelters at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. To be presented at the Entomology Society of America 2013 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX (faculty mentor: Dr. David Kattes).
    • Kameron Pugh, Department of Engineering and Physics: Human health and ecological implications due to occurrence of nanoparticles in the environment. To be presented at the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Ansal University in Gurgaon, Haryana, India (faculty mentor: Dr. Sudarshan Kurwadkar).
    • Stephen Braack, Kristyn Bunt, Robert Craft, Matt Daigle, Garrett Hagan, Caitlin Jacobs, Amanda Martinez, Tailore Moore, Glenn Nipp, Olivia Perkins, Evan Piland, Josh Ready, Kara Rodden, Elizabeth Rugg, Cody Sergeant, Brandon Sinde, Tiffany Sumrow, Nicholas Watson, and Timothy Wilson, Department of Fine Arts (Music): Tarleton Trumpet Ensemble TMEA Performance. To be performed at the TMEA State Convention in San Antonio, TX (faculty mentor: Dr. Brian Walker).
    • Billie Shine, Department of Biological Sciences: Effect of storage method on manure as a substrate for filth fly development. To be presented at the Entomological Society Association in Austin, TX (faculty mentor: Dr. David Kattes).
    • Elizabeth Stephens, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences: Parental Involvement in Early Childhood. To be presented at the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. (faculty mentor: Dr. Kimberlee Spencer).
    • Misty White, Department of Curriculum and Instruction: Effect of Digitally-Inspired Instruction on Seventh Grade Science Achievement. To be presented at the Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA) International Conference in Fort Worth, TX (faculty mentor: Dr. Susan Erwin).
  • Undergraduate Research Assistantships
    • Winston Edwards, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies: Investigating the Efficacy of a Basic Online Informed Consent Process in Educational Research (faculty mentor: Dr. Lesley Leach).
    • Jose Garcia, Department of Chemistry, Geosciences, and Environmental Science: Plant derived polysaccharides as non toxic gene delivery system for cancer treatment (faculty mentor: Dr. Rajani Srinivasan).
    • Andria Beal, Department of Biological Sciences: Characterization of a hybrid zone between two divergent lineages of cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus) (faculty mentor: Dr. Russell Pfau).
    • Shane Griffin, Department of Biological Sciences: Astrometric and photometric imaging and analysis of near Earth asteroids (faculty mentor: Dr. Mike Hibbs).
    • Diana Piña, Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice: Immigration Needs Assessment (faculty mentor: Dr. Deneece Ferrales).
    • Travis Salzillo, Department of Mathematics: N-body simulations of self-assembly (faculty mentor: Dr. Bryant Wyatt).
    • Jeri Serratt, Department of Mathematics: Sensitivity analysis of an optimal control model for the transmission of mastitis in dairy cow populations (faculty mentor: Dr. Javier Garza)