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Applications & Forms

Application procedures may vary depending on your study abroad program. Please consult with your faculty program director or with the International Office if you have any questions.

Tarleton State University requires:

Forms for Tarleton Faculty-led Programs

Submit these forms if you are participating in a program with a Tarleton faculty-member for Tarleton credit.

Forms for Midwestern State University British Studies

Your credit will be generated through our consortium partner Midwestern State University and will be transferred back to Tarleton.

Forms for Independent/Affiliated Programs

Submit these forms if you are participating in an independent or affiliated program. Since your credit with be generated by another institution, all programs must be pre-approved by the International Office through the Course Verification form.

Keep in mind you will also need to submit applications to the program or institution generating your credit.

Forms for Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Forms for Non-Tarleton Student to Enroll (Transient Admission)

Submit the following forms if you attend another university and want to join a Tarleton study abroad program.