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Applications & Forms


Application procedures may vary with your Study Abroad program. Please consult your faculty program director or the Study Abroad Office (254.968.9545) if you have questions.

The TSU International Programs, Study Abroad Office is an issuing office for the International Student Identification Card (ISIC). ISIC provides discounts, phone and messaging services, and insurance. If you’re interested in obtaining an optional ISIC card, print this ISIC form and bring it in person with a photo and $22.00 to the IP Office, Tarleton Center 121-123. Please note that ISIC does not replace the required Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

Required Insurance

Tarleton State University requires that all study abroad participants be covered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Risk Management and Compliance will write your policy, and your card will be emailed to you. 

Financial Aid

Fill out FAFSA and make an appointment with FINANCIAL AID by calling (254) 968-9070. FAFSA must be filed to receive an International Education Fee Scholarship.

Forms for Faculty-led Programs

You're going with TSU class and professor.

Forms for British Studies Program to London

Your credit is generated though our consortium partner Midwestern State University. You apply directly to Midwestern in addition to the TSU Study Abroad Office.

Forms for Independent Programs

You're going alone, and a foreign institution will generate your credit, which you will transfer back to Tarleton. Programs must be pre-approved by the Study Abroad Office. The foreign institution will also require application forms.

Forms for Semester Exchanges

You will be registered at Tarleton, but you will attend a partner foreign university listed in our Reciprocal Exchange Agreements

Forms for Non-Tarleton Student to Enroll

Submit this form if you attend another university and want to join a Tarleton program.