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New Student Email: Sign Up Now!

Tarleton State University has partnered with Microsoft to bring students Microsoft Live@edu, a leading edge email service and a full suite of applications to enhance communication and collaboration. the many benefits this new service brings is an inbox that is significantly larger than the current solution.

FAQ [Updated: 03.30.11]

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Your Account Information

How can I find out the address for my student email account?

Your new student email account name has been loaded into Ducktrax. Go to Personal Information, Show Email Addresses. Your new account will be displayed. It will follow the format

Note: Please write down this account information. You will need it to logon to the new email service.

What is my password for student email?

Your initial password is Tsu (capital T) followed by your student UID number (Ex: Tsu000123456). After your first login using the UID as password, you will be required to change your password to something new and unique to you. Please do not share your account information with anyone else.

How do I logon to my student email account?

Go to Tip: be sure to log off any other Windows Live accounts, i.e. Hotmail, before logging into your student email account.

What if I receive an error message while logging into my student email account?

The initial activation requires you to correctly enter your full email address and your student UID number as the initial password.

If you receive the following error message, "The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again," here are some simple troubleshooting solutions for common mistakes.

  • Make sure you've typed the period (.) after the "go" in the domain name -
  • Make sure you have NOT added an uppercase K to the initial password.

Still having problems? Contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance.

  • Phone number: 254-968-9885
  • Email:
When does my student email account get deleted?

If you are a registered student or alumni, your student email account will not be deleted. However, if it is unused for more than 180 days, the contents of the email inbox are deleted and the account becomes dormant.

What happens to my student email account when I graduate?

One advantage of your student email account is that you won't lose the account when you graduate. You can continue to use the account and its services after you graduate if you wish. For alumni, Microsoft may place ads in the interfaces for your email, calendar, etc., but your account will otherwise be unchanged. If you don't log in for 180 days, any mail messages stored on the Microsoft mail server will be deleted, but the account itself will remain.

What happens if I change my name? Does my account change to match the new name?

We currently do not support changing your email account, but you may change your Display Name in your account settings. This is the name that will appear in the address book and on the TO: and FROM: lines when email is sent to and from your mailbox. NOTE: Most Account Setting changes, including changing the Display Name, must be done in Internet Explorer 7 or 8. We are investigating ways to provide additional support for name changes in the future.

Why use the student email? is the official channel for University communications and provides students a reliable email service with sufficient storage capacity. It is also for your personal use and you may continue to use your account after you leave Tarleton State University.

Will I still use the NTNET to logon to the campus network?

Yes, you will continue to log on to the campus network using your ST_ account. The passwords for your ST_ network account and your new email account will not be automatically synchronized, but you may make these passwords the same if you wish.

Using the Account

Can I access email on my Mac? How about Safari and Firefox?

You can access your email using most web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. However, there are certain features that are only available using Internet Explorer 7. In addition, some of the extended services in Windows Live have browser support exceptions, for instance Office Live Workspace does not support Safari on a Mac, but Firefox on a Mac is supported.

Will Microsoft restore email that is accidentally deleted?

Deleted emails are moved to the trash folder where you can retrieve them for up to 14 days. After that, the email is deleted from the servers and cannot be restored. You may use client software such as Thunderbird or Outlook to keep data backed up for individual archival and data recovery purposes.

Can I use mail clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook with student email?

Yes. In addition to the web access available at, students can use most email client software to connect to accounts.

For details, see

Can I check my email using my mobile phone?

Yes, most phones are supported. Phones that support Exchange ActiveSync are particularly easy to configure.

For details, see

How do I set my mobile phone up for email? What are the server settings?

If your phone supports Exchange ActiveSync (iPhone, Windows Mobile), use the server setting Select which functions to synchronize. Important: If you choose to synchronize Contacts or Calendar, you will lose the contacts and appointments already on the phone. It is recommended to synchronize only Mail.

If your phone does not support Exchange ActiveSync, you will need to configure either POP or IMAP.

  • For IMAP, the hostname/server name is
  • For POP, the incoming hostname/server name is and the outgoing hostname/server name is The SMTP port is 587. Set POP to use SSL. 
Where can I get topical help/”how to” information on the new system?

Go to for a complete listing of help and “how to” information from Microsoft.

Can I set my account to forward to another email account?

Yes, this is permitted. However, please be aware that your account is the official channel for University communication. If you forward to another account, important messages from Tarleton may be incorrectly flagged as spam, rejected or undelivered due to issues with your other account. The University will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or by departmental servers. Having email redirected does not release a student from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to his or her official University email address.

The addresses of Tarleton’s mail servers associated with faculty and staff email are automatically safe-listed to ensure you receive all email from the university. As a result, emails from those servers will always be delivered to your student email account.

Also note that forwarded email is not stored in sent items. You will have no record of the email in your student email inbox.

Steps to forward to another account:
  1. Login to your Go.Tarleton.Edu account at
  2. Click 'Options' (top right-ish of screen)
  3. Click the 'Organize E-mail' tab
  4. Create a new blank rule using the Inbox Rules tab, click New.
  5. Build a new rule with these settings:
    * When the message arrives, and:
            Choose "[Apply to all messages]" from the pull-down menu
    * Do the following:
            Choose "Forward the message to..." from the pull-down menu
  6. This will open the Address Book, at the bottom of the popup window, type in your outside email address in the "Message recipients: To ->" box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Recipients box, type the email address you want to forward to (e.g. You can also select another address from the GAL or your contacts list if this has been created already.
  9. Click OK
  10. Click 'Save'
Is the SkyDrive a replacement for my T: drive?

Your T: drive will remain. You are free to use both the T: drive and the SkyDrive to store your files.

Where do I find the other features such as Skydrive and Office Web Apps?

Use your new Windows Live ID and password to log in at

Spam Management

How does the new email service handle spam?

Microsoft provides and manages advanced spam and virus filtering using proprietary technologies. This includes SmartScreen and SenderID. SmartScreen technology learns to detect spam through user input. The Sender ID Framework is an e-mail authentication technology protocol that helps address the problem of spoofing and phishing by verifying the domain name from which e-mail messages are sent. Sender ID validates the origin of e-mail messages by verifying the IP address of the sender against the alleged owner of the sending domain.

If you are using the Web interface, all email undergoes a virus check/scan. This does not apply if you are using a POP client.

Is there a method provided for bypassing the spam system to ensure delivery of official University notifications to the email?

Yes. We have safe-listed the Tarleton’s internal email server addresses so that emails sent from faculty and staff are not blocked by Microsoft spam filters. Emails sent from one Tarleton student account to another also bypass the spam filters.

Advertising and Marketing Policies

Will student email accounts receive advertising?

While you are a currently admitted or registered student, ads for third-party products and services will not appear on the web interface for your student email account. However, ads may appear in the additional services such as instant messaging or SkyDrive.

Microsoft reserves the right to display information about Microsoft products and services. For example, Microsoft may opt to show "tips and tricks" to enhance usage of Windows Live services or occasionally display information about special Microsoft offers for students.

Alumni will see family-safe banner advertisements for third-party products.

Does Microsoft share or sell student contact information with third parties?

No. Microsoft doesn't share or sell any contact information unless the user opts in. This is covered in Microsoft's comprehensive privacy and disclosure policies which are available not only to Microsoft Windows Live participants, but to all users of Microsoft's online services. See

Does Microsoft scan email content to deliver ads?

No. Email content is not scanned for the purposes of delivering advertisements. Email can be scanned if the student initiates a search of his/her inbox, but only for the purposes of providing search results.