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Congratulations to our 2014 Tarleton Transition Mentors!
Featured on this page we have quite a bit of important information for our TTMs. Those selected should read all contents all the way to the bottom!

Listed below are those selected to be Tarleton Transition Mentors for the Class of 2018! As long as each of these leaders meets all requirements for the remainder of the year (keep GPAs at 2.35 or above, pass the Spring Mentorship Course, etc.), they are guaranteed at least one Duck Camp and expected to help with Texan Transition Week.

Leadership Team: Kerbie Anderson, Macy Grant, Hailey Kane, Dannah McCloud, Keauno Perez, Sean Pollock, Hillari Raemsch, Marty Stinson

2014 TTM Staff for Orientation, Duck Camp, and Transition Week

Anderson, Kerbie
Grant, Macy
Kane, Hailey
McCloud, Dannah
Perez, Keauno
Pollock, Sean
Raemsch, Hillari
Stinson, Marty
Adams, Kendyl
Bumpas, Drew
Cisneros, Merlina
Fulton, Sarah
Guinyard, Sean
Harroff, Denise
Heikkinen, Cati
Holloway, Josh
Kleifgen, Amanda
Leugers, Justin
Cruz, CG
Marsh, Ivana
Moreno, Cassie
Nolen, Cody
Paradis, Madison
Payne, Tylynn
Perkins, Ashley
Redus, Faith
Reynolds, Katy
Roberts, Emily
Strickland, Sean
Adams, Nate
Andrews, Megan
Bell, Jamee
Burch, Dallas
Burnett, Shelly
Byrd, Alyssa
Carn, James
Carpenter, Casey
Chapman, Olivia
Clark, Andrew
Cole, Kerstin
Conway, Khadijah
Cook, Chelsea
Czehowski, Alyssa
Daniels, Tyler
Dean, Tucker
DelBuono, Kaitlyn
Dovel, Courtney
Dye, James
Edwards, Jacob
Enright, Kevin
Flores, Leanne
Frederick, Hayden
Gillespie, M'Kenna
Hanick, Sarah
Hathorne, Courtney
Hayes, Paige
Holloway, Shelby
Johnson, Cody
Johnson, Grant
Jones, Heather
Kingchatchaval, Jaymie
Knox, Haley
Kornegay, Stephanie
Kyle, Bethany
Lewis, Blair
Livaich, Lydia
Long, Lexi
Marion, Kaylee
Martin, Jacob
Martinez, Aissa
Michael, Salina
Morrissey, Colin
Murphy, Collin
Olsen, Delaney
Ortega, Lupita
Pena, Daniel
Pena, Marissa
Perazzo, Logan
Perez, Andrea
Phillips, Reed
Pron, Emily
Reeder, Jordan
Rodriguez, Carl
Rogers, Matthew
Rutherford, Brad
Scott, Shane
Shelby, Carol-Lynn
Shoultz, Kari
Stafford, Cassie
Stauder, Melanie
Steele, Ariel
Trinque, Emily
Tucker, Meagan
Uballe, Reno
Voelker, Nik
Vrazel, Jennifer
Ward, Ashley
Warrenburg, Mackenzie
White, Autum
Wilkerson, Lauren
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Ryan
Wright, Maggie
Yeates, Heather



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