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Waco at McLennan Community College - University Center

BS - Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement and Corrections Options

Program Description

Tarleton State University's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree is dedicated to studying the maintenance of social order in our complex society, as well as our global world. Understanding the intricacy of the criminal justice system, including the growth and expansion of criminal justice agencies in management and administration, prepares students to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. Moreover, our program allows you to tailor your degree plan to emphasize Law Enforcement - e.g., policing, federal enforcement, security - or Corrections - e.g., probation, parole, corrections officer. This major requires basic criminal justice courses for either degree, then students opt to emphasize either Law Enforcement or corrections, to better prepare them for their future careers. Each 128 hour program allows students to complete 3-6 hours of Internship - where students are placed in an appropriate agency (law enforcement, criminal/forensics investigation, prosecutorial, judicial, legal defense, corrections, or other aspects of criminal justice) for 120 to 240 hours of in field career training - thereby providing students a leg up when in pursuit of their careers. Finally, should students choose to continue their criminal justice education, Tarleton offers a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, emphasizing administration of criminal justice agencies.

Delivery Method

Blended (Face-to-Face and ITV)


University Center at McLennan Community College

Contact Information

Dr. Shannon Hankhouse