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Randy Jackson


Spirit moving to and fro, all against the wind,
Like a cloud rolling across the blue up younder.
Moving with the forces that carry it along,
Not knowing when the end of the journey will come,
Giving the wind all of the spirit it shall need.

Making a dream come true for some,
As the rhythm begins to embrace the mind,
A melody only a few seconds long,
Will soon become the song of the life,
And the words will be pressed upon the heart.

Moving with the changes, fast and slow,
Letting the music make the body move,
And as like the leaf drifting upon the breeze,
The body moves in tune with the symphony,
A orchestra of one, a masterpiece in the making.

At harmony with all the powers that will always be,
Dancing with the fires of the unshakable spirit,
Moving across the ground with a remarkable grace,
A ballet in so many words yet with the power of hope,
And the force of determination is seen in the steps.

It flows like the ocean, across the breaking waves,
Just a little more distance until the shore comes out to greet him.
No more will the body come to rest on the rocks of life,
Fire on the water, never will it die but forever shine,
A legend for all the people to share from here on out.

Moving with ease, across the sea and meeting the sandy beach,
Further on now, the dance has ended, the music fades away,
But soon another melody will the orchestra play for all to hear,
The story of the life of a dancer who defied all for a few moments,
Forever set in stone is his life, written for the future in an eight second song...