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Christensen Low


Cool stare ignite
“How could you!?”
Then silence . . .

I think he cares
He says he does
But show me!!!

Man, just once-
No tears!!!
I love her, but...

Why won’t he say it
Those simple words
Of endearment

I show her that I love her
I made her dinner
And the bed, after we...

I love him
In spite of his many quirks
That so aggravate me

I love her
In spite of her mushy
Need for cuddling

Why can’t we have the perfect marriage???
One of love and happiness

One of peace...

Silence disturbed
Rocked the two “Precious Moments”
From atop the sweetness of marriage

What went wrong?
What was not said...right?
How could silence break
A marriage made in the fine glass of love.