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MARAH (Exodus 15:22-27) No More!

Christensen Low


my eyes longingly look between the confusion to black crepe
wondering if the redness of mourning ca be seen by anyone
who dares come close to the ashes and smell of still birth

i want someone to see through this heavy sackcloth
and peer with love into my longing for quiet rebirth into love.
oh, my eyes have tasted bitter water long enough

for me to have forgotten what sweet water feels like
to splash and play in its clear and engulfing beauty.
i want Your peace of wood to mark my changing heart, Liebchen

with sweet love on Your mind, You gave everything
threw Your life into my bitter waters so that i might be sweet.
then, why do i still carry the smelly clothes of a mourner?

Why can’t i drink from Your chalise of suffering
and gulp the love that flows from Your eyes?
i have returned to weeping for joy on the love You overflow with

Liebchen, help me embrace the love found in You
for i am Isreal and i easily forget Your constant provision
and sell myself to sadness when You are always near to free me.