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Christensen Low


Her tears rolled down the glass
Shattering the beautiful colors
That shed light upon the pews

She came to cry out a need for help-
A submission to God’s love.
To finally see her Savior as there...

When all the world removed love
From her life because she was different
Poor and alone with many children

From outside the comfort of love,
She cried her need until it stained beauty
Corrupted the presence of a colorful view

And all those that filled comfortable pews
Stared at this reminder of forgiveness and mercy
Stared with contempt in their stained hearts

They did not see the man with nail marks
As he went to her side and offered his love
Seeing only a child who he loved dearly

They did not see that her eyes warmed
With the love of heaven
Rich in the abundant life

So they returned to stained hymnals
And sang empty words to their needs
Never seeing the red that stained their hearts

Never seeing the blue that stained their hearts
Never seeing the green that stained their eyes