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Nicole Morvant


Three little girls play on the porch,
Listen to the cooler hum like a bee
Buzzing in their ears.
They skip around the yard
In dollar store jellies,
Wade around their plastic pool
That is a cartoon covered ocean.
As the sun climbs into the sky,
The wind whispers to the flowers
And the clouds turn into circus animals.
They fix a lunch of mud wrapped in leaves
And feed it to their loving Cabbage Patch dolls
With no clothes, knotted hair, and dirty faces.
When the sky grows dim
They lie on the driveway
With the cool of the cement on their legs,
And they talk of their dreams
Of being a model or teacher
And definitely marrying Ricky Schroder.
As the scent of supper fills the air
And after the third call from their mothers,
They say, "Goodnight," to the stars
But never to these
Summer days.