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Ryan Purtell


a poem

is happiness an if or a when
it must be a when
I’ll take the opportunity to be direct
as if the opportunity has, in this rare case, been afforded
in fact we always have the option of double clicking on the “forthright” icon
maybe feeling free to be direct is happiness
or better a happiness
HAPPINESS, our society is obsessed with concept
as if it were a predestined right
and if we loose it we must search for it with reckless abandon
we wake one day and realize we’ve lost it
the only remedy for this realiztion is to erase the board
expunge all of the non-happy details of our current life and create new ones
it is perfectly acceptable to halt the happiness of others in the process
after all we must look out for ourselves
as for those who get in the way
they must choose to get tough like we did
capture some happiness for themselves
forge a life for themselves from what we wrecked
it is the epitome of social Darwinism
if a mother field mouse sees a rattle snake headed for her burrow she has but one          decision
of course she must charge down the den and eat the babies she has caringly nourished
if she doesn’t, then the snake will get a meal and her babies will be dead
and her survival is paramount
so now do we gobble up our young
our friends
our relatives
our co-workers
our spouses