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Andy Quirl


Feeling his way through the opaquity feel first and scared of that which lay before him
A tight grip on his arm tod him that something had grabbed ahold of him
And it wouldn’t let go of its prize
Constricting thoughts of plaque and anguish pervaded the mind of the attacker
And the attacked even more so
However much wanted to release its hold it could not fear of the consequences
Stuck in a hole in a big tree she wept like a tyoical woman and refused to budge
Like an ice cube she stayed less dense that its liquid form
And she couldn’t turn back to water so long as it held on
The moon shone upon the trio two of which were distant relatives to the first
New full half or quarter moon displays its irrelevancy as light cast down from o’erhead
Seething he was fo he could not save her with his arm held fast
Frightening was the thought of it all and aporia the exit
Bearded weather left its mark on all life unbreathing
Freaks of nature ravaged on the weak of heart and the new full half quarter moon parted in the middle
Who should melt but none other than the she that conquers leaving death in her wake
Lorelei of closed quarters
hand goes soft in its grips falters in its life force ere flickering out and leaving this world of which it spawned
How he thought he saved a helpless wretch of a female when it was obvious who thawed out first
The helplessness of the mind when it fills a man’s body cries for attention
Stroked and probbed for edible flesh of brainy material by the Lorelei
And to all this he was oblivious.