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Adam Smith


I heard a little sparrow singing sweet one summer day;
He seemed to want to know if I could come outside to play.
I said, “I’d like to come outside and spend the day with you,
But, you see, it can’t be done - I’ve so much work to do.”

He twittered and he chirped; he beckoned more and more,
But firmly I said “No!” and then I quickly shut the door.
I had no idle time to spend in playing, being free -
There were so many time restrictions that were placed on me.

I had two essays yet to write, another paper due,
There was a meeting to attend at nine and one at two.
And then I had to wash the forks and cups and knives and plates -
Maybe then I’d have some time to sit and contemplate.

The same sweet sparrow perched outside my door one fine fall day;
He still was asking me if I could come with him and play.
I smiled, sighed, and shook my head; I still had much to do -
Meals to cook, clothes to wash, and lots of homework due.

And then one day I found myself with time left on my hands.
I looked about, but all was clean and neat. With no demands,
I thought that I could finally spare some time for that nice bird.
I went outside and called to him, but not one chirp I heard.

A cold and dreary day it was - the trees were bare and wet,
The sky was gray, the grass was brown; no green was showing yet.
I hadn’t seen the seasons change, with all that filled my head -
Then I looked down, and saw that my sweet little bird was dead!