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Brent Sutherland


            “Did you cancel that 305 flight into Chicago?”
            “Yes, it took grounding two perfectly good planes before they did it, though. Why exactly did we need to do that? People are critical of that company anyway after that plane of theirs went down off Manhattan Island. They never found a cause for the explosion, sir.”
            “Damn. I forgot that was the same airline. Well, there would have been two accidents involving those people on their way home from the airport with the fog and all. It was a younger girl that was to be in one. She didn’t get everything taken care of on her trip, so she will have to do it over the phone. the next accident for her is not scheduled until next week sometime. I think she will go then, but everything will be fine between her and her girlfriend.”
            “That is a very interesting policy you have for homosexuals now.”
            “Thanks. The other, remember the lawyer in Chicago that did the case for that school for free. He had a long day and flights make him nervous, so he doesn’t sleep. He will spend the night, and catch up on his sleep. The wreck they had picked out for him was a little too messy anyway.”
            “By the way how did that case turn out?”
            “Oh, you’re asking the wrong man. I have no idea. And while I’m thinking about it, did Forecasting come up with anything for the effects of canceling rain for another week in western Australia?”
            “They have talked for two days straight on that alone. The farmers in that region need the rain. Pete has managed to convince at least some of them that, the rocks that expedition is after, are there. Most of them think the rocks are still farther north. I think that rain combined with their diminishing funds will ruin their efforts.”
            “That’s what I’m thinking. The weather isn’t as easy to control as everybody thinks.”