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WLDM 2330: Wildlife Management Techniques

Field and laboratory techniques used in wildlife management and research. Determining age and food habits, population analysis, habitat analysis, and introduction to research.

WLDM 3311: Wildlife Diseases

Basic mechanisms of diseases as they occur in wildlife populations; interplay of habitat requirements, individual physiological requirements and disease producing mechanisms of various wildlife species.

WLDM 3385: Fish and Wildlife Laws and Administration

A review and analysis of state and federal laws and international treaties and conventions affecting fish and wildlife; their application and administration. The organizational structure of state, federal and international agencies; their objectives, policies and practices.

WLDM 399:Cooperative Education

Designed to offer students the opportunity to integrate academic study with work experience that is applicable to their major or minor.

WLDM 401: Population Dynamics

An introduction to population biology, including models of simple population growth, competition, and predator-prey interactions; demographic rates and life tables; and techniques for estimating demographic parameters.

WLDM 4326:Big Game Ecology and Management

Survey of distribution and life histories of North American big game species. Productivity, food habits, economic significance and management will be examined. Will include a study of current management strategies employed on deer farms in North America with a focus on the Texas deer industry and impacts on traditional wildlife management.

WLDM 4404:Wildlife Field Studies

A field course in which students capture, measure, and mark animals; collect descriptive measures of vegetation that characterize wildlife habitat components; and record field observations using a journal. This course requires a one-week field trip at student’s expense.

WLDM 4684: Internship

Formally arranged and approved on-the-job training with a cooperating sponsor in government or private sectors of the wildlife management or natural resources field.

WLDM 4185:Seminar

A review of current issues and developments in wildlife management and natural resources; professional opportunities and responsibilities; individual investigations and reports using scientific and popular literature.

WLDM 4386: Problems

Individualized study of current topics in wildlife management, natural resource management or a supporting discipline. Specific content and credit dependent upon student's interests, needs, and depth of study.

WLDM 4690: Special Topics

Selected topics in wildlife and natural resource management.

WLDM 5390:Special Topics

Selected topics in the wildlife sciences.