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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of job can I get with a degree in Wildlife Science?
Have you graduated and are ready to get your Associate Wildlife Biologist certification?
What are the minimum education requirements of "wildlife-related" courses for a job with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department?
What does the Tarleton Student Wildlife Society do?

The Student Wildlife Society:

  • Fosters campus and community awareness of wildlife issues
  • Augments the educational opportunities for students in natural resource fields
  • Prepares members for careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and management
  • Encourages professionalism and high standards of scholarship
  • Provides opportunities for improved communication among local members, with other student chapters, and with our state chapter.
Can I get a minor in Wildlife Science?

Interdisciplinary Minor in Wildlife Science

The only minor available in Wildlife Science is an interdisciplinary minor. The reason this minor requires specific courses rather than any combination of 18 semester credit hours is because someone with an expertise in Wildlife Science is expected to have specific knowledge that cannot be gained with any random assortment of courses.

The specific courses required for this minor are a total of 18 semester credit hours (SCH) from the following:

BIOL 3415 – Plant Taxonomy (4 SCH)

BIOL 4401 – Ecology (4 SCH) or RNRM 315 – Range Ecology (3 SCH)

WLDM 2322 – Wildlife Conservation and Management (3 SCH)

WLDM 3310 – Techniques in Wildlife Management (3 SCH)

BIOL 4430 – Ornithology, BIOL 4451 – Mammalogy, or any WLDM courses. (4-5 SCH)

***Note that the BIOL courses listed require two semesters of Biology (typically BIOL 120 and 121) as prerequisites.

Please contact a Wildlife Management faculty member if you have any questions.