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Cadet Life


LABS are a chance for Cadets to take what they have learned in their military science classes and put them to use in a tactical environment.

Hunewell Ranch, a large ranch located just outside of Stephenville, provides this tactical environment. With large open fields, wooded areas and creeks, it provides a number of different environments in which to test what the Cadets have learned.

The Cadets will be broken down into platoons and squads to carry out various Squad Training Exercise (STX) lanes to include squad attack, movement to contact, knock out a bunker, and ambush. The Cadets will be placed in leadership  positions to take their squad or platoon on to successfully complete their assigned mission.

 Hunewell Ranch also provides a location for Cadets to put their land navigation (land nav) skills to the test. Cadets are given a map, a protractor, and a compass in which cadets will successfully find different points strewn about Hunewell. They will complete this course both during the day and at night.