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2LT Hamilton's Commissioning Ceremony

Thank you for visiting our Commissioning Ceremony Album.  While most of our activities and events are towards developing ourselves as leaders and/or contributing to our community, the Commissioning Ceremony is an event that recognizes the individual graduating Cadets.  It marks the completion of the Cadet's time as a student/Cadet and the beginning of his career as an officer in the U.S. Army.  This event marks the official reading of the Commissioning Orders, our Oath as Officers, officially having our rank pinned onto our uniforms, and the new lieutenant's first salute from a non-commissioned officer, referred to as the Silver Dollar Salute.  The Silver Dollar Salute dates back to when a new officer would reward the first Non-Commissioned Officer to salute him with a lieutenant's one month pay (a Silver Dollar at the time).  Today, it is carried on as a tradition to honor the relationship between officers and non-commissioned officers as well as the personal respect between fellow soldiers.  2LT Hamilton, on behalf of the Texan Battalion, we congratulate you.  For more photos, please visit our Facebook Page.

                 Commissioning Cake      Attention To Orders 

                 Parents pinning on Rank      Recieving Plaque 

                 Silver Dollar Salute      2LT Hamilton

                                                                  To see more photos, please visit our facebook page.