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TSU ROTC Training Lab

Thank you for visiting our Training Lab Album.  As part of our weekly labs, we train different scenerios.  However, we realize that everyone needs to have techniques and procedures demonstrated to them so that they can correctly implement them in the field.  In this instance, the MS IVs demonstrated to the MS I, II, and IIIs the correct way to render First Aide, engage with an AT-4 rocket launcher (inert), claymore mine (training replica), and grenades (inert training devices).  This prepares them for our field training excercises as well as familiarity for use when they go to LDAC.  Please visit our Facebook page to see more photos.

                                                Looking down the business end     Grenades from the kneeling position     Fireman Carry

                                                Guide On     Claymore     Two Man lift with improvised litter

                                                                       To see more photos, please visit our facebook page.