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When you decided to pursue a career in nursing you had certain goals in mind.  We can help you achieve these goals through the financial and continuing education opportunities offered by Tarleton State University Army ROTC as you work to earn your BSN at Tarleton State University.

The nursing program at Tarleton State University is a multiple-entry baccalaureate program accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing. The program is unique in its commitment to the concept of Rurality as a central organizing theme. Students are provided a variety of classroom and clinical learning opportunities in community agencies and hospitals over a wide geographic area. The multiple-entry program contains multiple career pathways: BSN and Licensed Vocation Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (LVN to BSN)

The BSN program at Tarleton is a demanding program….We know this and work with you to complete your requirements for ROTC in a manner that does not interfere with Clinicals and all the Upper level nursing requirements that demand your time.  TSU Army ROTC offers qualified Nursing students four year full tuition and fee scholarships to complete their undergraduate degree.  The scholarships also include $1200 per year for books and a monthly tax-free subsistence pay that adds up to $3000-5000 per year.  Additionally, scholarship awardees are eligible to receive up to $1500.00 a year for housing expense.

But there is more to ROTC than just the scholarship.  ROTC offers paid leadership experience with our Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP).  NSTP is a three week one-on-one clinical internship at a major Army medical facility.  You get paid, gain valuable leadership and nursing experience.

After you graduate from college and are commissioned as Second Lieutenant Nurse Officer you may be assigned to the Active Army in one of many major hospitals through out the world.  Also, as nursing is an ever changing profession there are many continuing education and specialty training opportunities as you continue your military service.  Typically at the two years of service point you can select specialty training from 16 different areas such as: OB Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia.  As you progress as an Army Nurse there are opportunities for funded Graduate Nursing School.  That means the Army pays for your schooling and you receive full pay and benefits as an Army officer while you attend school.

As a member of the Army Nurse Corps, you'll be given opportunities of a lifetime! Your role as an Army Officer will afford you the chance to lead a nursing team and care for your patients in a variety of settings. Army Nurses have autonomy to practice nursing in a way that is unmatched by civilian health care facilities. Your professional judgment will be the driving force behind leading your nursing team to provide full spectrum patient care.

The Army Nurse Corps believes in a holistic nursing philosophy. You'll identify and organize multi-disciplinary resources for patients and their families to help them with inpatient, outpatient and home care. You'll be able to understand the special concerns and needs of your Soldier patients because you're also a Soldier, which allows you to better serve them.

Enrolling in Army ROTC is a very simple process. We can assist you with applying for an ROTC Scholarship or with enrolling in ROTC classes.   We offer all of our classes at numerous times so that the classes do not interfere with your academic schedule.  You can register for your military science class at the same time you register for your other classes. 

Simply contact us at 254-968-9188 or e-mail to see if you are eligible.

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