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Thesis Defense or Curriculum Projects

Candidates pursuing the thesis option in music education must prepare a thesis proposal.  After the thesis is completed, the candidate must defend it before a committee of graduate music faculty.  During the defense, students will engage in an oral defense of their thesis and all processes concerned with the development of the thesis.  They are also expected to give evidence of a thorough knowledge of all related literature, research materials, methodological steps, and findings documented in the completed thesis.  

Candidates pursuing the non-thesis option must prepare a project proposal and have it approved by both the faculty member sponsoring the project and the graduate faculty.  The curriculum project may be curricular, pedagogical, or creative, but comparable to the thesis in scope.  After completion, students must prepare a presentation of their project to be presented before a committee of graduate music faculty.  Students should be prepared to answer questions about their project.  This presentation should be similar in scope to the thesis defense.

The purposes of both the thesis defense and the curriculum project presentation are to demonstrate the:

  • candidate’s ability to combine research methods and a topic of interest in a scholarly format that is consistent/acceptable to the discipline,
  • candidate’s ability to produce a work that contributes to the discipline, and
  • competency necessary of graduate work in regards to scholarly activity.