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Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics

Tarleton provides personal attention because of its size, its relaxed small-city atmosphere and a commitment to serve you, the student. We are located only an hour southwest of Fort Worth in the heart of Stephenville, which was recognized in a 1993 Prentice Hall publication as one of America's 100 best small cities. This places you, the Tarleton student, in a safe, convenient, family-oriented environment.

Learning reaches beyond the classroom at Tarleton, and we are proud of our traditions of friendliness and of treating students with respect and individual attention.  Our student/faculty ratio is 21 to 1.  Tarleton's faculty members are dedicated to your needs and they make every effort to be responsive and progressive.

These traits are also present in Tarleton's Department of Chemistry, Geosciences and Physics, which offers a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Physics, Chemistry, and Geosciences, as well as a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science.

Tarleton's Chemistry, Geosciences and Physics Department emphasizes the personal bond between student and teacher. Through personalized counseling, we encourage you to identify your preferences in choosing a degree program that will prepare you professionally and challenge you academically.

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