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Faraday's Law of Magnetic Induction

In this module, we will discuss magnetic induction and inductors. Faraday's Law of Magnetic Induction is one of the four fundamental laws of electricity and magnetism know as Maxwell's Equations. If describes how a changing magnetic flux can induce a circulating electric field. Magnetic induction is used to generate and transport electrical power that makes our modern society possible. It also important to the explanation of how an electromagnetic disturbance (light) can propagate through empty space.

Instructional Material

  • Mutual Inductance & Transformer Notes - Pdf
  • Magnetic Flux - Video
  • Faraday's Law - Video
  • Motional Emf - Video
  • Generators - Video
  • AC Power (RMS & Peak) - Video
  • Motors - Video
  • Self Inductance - Video
  • Combining Inductors In Series & Parallel - Video
  • Mutual Inductance - Video
  • Transformers - Video

Example Problems & Demonstrations

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