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Academic Prerequisites for Physician Assistant School

Currently there are six physician assistant programs in the State of Texas. Each of which require a baccalaureate degree prior to entry into the program. Upon the completion of the program a Master Degree will awarded.

The prerequisite requirements for entry into the programs are somewhat varied. Below is a list of courses that may be considered a summation of the overall requirements. For specific requirements for each school, visit the individual school’s website. 

Biological Sciences 8 hours General Biology
4 hours Microbiology
4 hours Genetics
(8 hours A&P required by some)
Chemistry 8 hours General Chemistry
4 hours Organic Chemistry
Humanities and Social Sciences 3 hours Psychology
3 hours Sociology
3 hours Humanities
Mathematics 3 hours College Algebra
3 hours Statistics
English 6 hours (includes composition)
Computer Concepts/Applications 3 hours CIS
Medical Terminology 1 hour