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Employee Steps To Follow

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately. Failure to report the injury within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of the injury (or manifestation of the occupational disease) may result in the denial of the claim.

    Notification must include the type of injury sustained, how the injury occurred, and the names of witnesses, if any.

  2. Contact the Employee Services department in order to ascertain whether other benefits (group health, disability, and retirement) could be affected by the Workers' Compensation Insurance claim if time lost.

  3. If your injury requires medical attention, please inform the attending physician that you believe the injury may be work related and your medical bills will need to be sent to our Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier and not your personal insurance company.

  4. In the event that your injury prevents you from returning to work for more than one full day, you must complete a Request for Paid Leave Form and send it to Employee Services to specify if you would like to use your paid leave or to receive weekly WCI Benefits.  However, WCI Benefits do not begin until the 8th day of loss time.

    The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission will send a "Notice of Injury and Claim for Compensation" form to you, via mail, for you to complete and send back to them within one year after the date of the accident or manifestation of the occupational disease.

  5. It is also your responsibility to keep the Employee Service office as well as the System Office of Risk Management and Compliance informed about any changes such as salary, telephone numbers, address, etc.