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Employee Services Forms

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Dependent Enrollment Form

Doctor's Statement (FMLA)- Employee Form

Doctor's Statement (FMLA)- Family Member Form

Family Medical Leave Usage & Obligations Notice Form

Parental Leave Request Form

Sick Leave Pool Donation/Withdrawal Form

Sick Leave Donation-Donor Form

Sick Leave Donation-Recipient Form

Sick Leave Donation Instructions

Alternate Work Schedule Request Form

External Professional Employment Approval Form: Faculty

External Professional Employment Approval Form:  Non-Faculty

Designation of Approval Manager Level 1

Designation of Read-Only Manager

Employment Release Form - Minors

Exiting Employee Checklist

Handbook Acknowledgement Form - Faculty

Handbook Acknowledgement Form - Staff

Hiring Checklist - Adjunct

Initiate to Hire Student/GA/Non-Budgeted

Initiate to Hire Adjuncts

Orientation Checklist

Performance Evaluation Form - Non-Budgeted / Hourly Employee

Professional Certification Request Form

Personnel / Budget Action Form

Personnel Action Form

Bank Draft Form - Retiree

Direct Deposit Enrollment thru Single Sign On (SSO) in Workday

Extended Pay Plan

Signature Sheet

Supplemental Pay Form

Time Sheet Adjustment Instructions for TimeTraq

W2 & 1095C

W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate)

Weekly Report for Hours Worked for Monthly Employees for Payment of Overtime

Accident Report Form

Attendance Sheet

Consensual Relationships

Formal Complaint Form

Retirement Questionnaire Form

Selective Service Form

Smart Phone / Communication Device: Monthly Service Allowance

Smart Phone / Communication Device: Purchase Request

Training Request Form

Weekly Report for Compensatory Time Earned  

Weekly Report for Compensatory Time Earned - Instructions

Report Sexual Assault or Bias-Related Issues