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FY 12-13 Priorities

Tarleton State University
Institutional PrioritiesTarleton State University Seal
FY12 - FY 13

  1. Enhance student engagement to promote their personal development, academic success, and learning experience through efforts such as participating in the “Keeping It Real” and innovation in teaching initiatives.
  1. Increase the diversity of students, faculty, staff, programming, curriculum, and services to enhance the Tarleton experience.
  1. Pursue and provide the resources to attract and retain a highly qualified faculty and staff commensurate with university growth.
  1. Implement and support Strategic Enrollment Management initiatives including comprehensive marketing and a capacity study.
  1. Implement aggressive strategies to retain and graduate a broad student base at the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.
  1. Expand enrollment and degree offerings in the online, Southwest Metroplex, and Waco programs.
  1. Develop and implement processes that maximize university resources and secure sustainable funding to provide and maintain exemplary services, programs, and facilities.
  1. Implement strategies to promote overall health and well-being of employees.