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Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Dissemination of Institutional Summary Report & Phases of Engagement

In keeping with the strategic planning process timeline, dissemination of snapshot report summarizing environmental scan, benchmarking and gap analysis will take place in July and August 2012. Stakeholder feedback will ideally consider snapshot summary in addition to stakeholder perspectives.

This Stakeholder Engagement Plan outlines UPC plans for two phases: Phase I will be scheduled in October 2012 and will focus on consideration of the Institutional Summary Report to identify strategic issues. Phase II will be scheduled in November/December 2012 and will follow formal approval of a list of strategic issues with a process to outline strategic programming to address the strategic issues. Calendar templates are provided for each phase at the end of this document, though the calendars will be populated with actual engagement events beginning in August 2012.

Primary Modes of Engagement

Level/campus forums:  Open forums will be scheduled on both the Stephenville and Fort Worth campuses. A UPC representative will moderate each forum, providing a brief presentation of snapshot report, and leading subsequent discussion. Participants will be encouraged to respond to an online survey after attending the forum. “Level forums” are forums that are held at varying organizational levels to encourage/facilitate broader input.

Online surveys:  Qualtrics surveys to be developed by UPC.  Multiple surveys, specific to stakeholder type.

Social media:  Outreach (via Twitter and Facebook) to stakeholders, encouraging completion of online survey.

Unit/division strategic plans: UPC will solicit from campus unit/division heads submission of a unit/division strategic plan for 2016-2020. UPC will provide an electronic template for each unit/division head. This document will not serve as a binding document within the formal campus planning process, but will serve as an important input to the institutional planning process. Units/divisions will be encouraged to utilize level forum gatherings to facilitate dialogue related to unit/division strategic planning for 2016-2020.

Data Collection

Collection of stakeholder feedback data (primarily but not restricted to quantitative) will be executed using Qualtrics surveys. Qualitative data will be collected by UPC representative(s) at each forum; UPC member will complete a form/template which will facilitate standardization of data reporting.

Desired Outcomes

UPC will gather data so as to facilitate development of a report for Executive Cabinet that includes:

  • Level of participation in engagement activities
  • Summary of stakeholder feedback
  • UPC recommendation identifying strategic issues for consideration in strategic plan development

Engagement Plan by Stakeholder Type & Location

Online surveys will be an integral component of the engagement process. Additionally, UPC will seek to engage stakeholders as follows:

Stakeholder Types


Fort Worth/ Midlothian/Weatherford



Level forums*

Academic/Staff council

Faculty senate

Fort Worth campus forum

Waco campus forum



RLL/SGA forums

Social media

Fort Worth campus forum

Social media

Waco campus forum

Social media


Stephenville campus forums

Homecoming forum

Social media

Fort Worth campus forum

Social media

Waco campus forum

Social media

Economic partners

Stephenville campus forums

Fort Worth campus forum

Waco campus forum

Community/civic leaders


Forums coordinated with the assistance of the Tarleton Foundation Board

Higher education partners

Individual interviews with campus representative(s) from upper administration

Prospective employers

Job fair forums & job fair surveys

Fort Worth campus forum

Waco campus forum

Area school district personnel

Stephenville and Fort Worth forums

Target populations: Effective Schools Project members, TMATE partners, university supervisors, field experience partners

Unit/Division Heads

Submission of 2016-2020 unit/division strategic plan