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Fire Girl

Teri Christian


As an infant,

she watched,

She saw the fire,

It was the only heat for

that cold dark house,

She wanted it,

so strong, alive and bold,

When she finally strained

to touch it,

They spat her hand,

they told her NO!

As she grew,

she became a mystery to them,

Unlike all the rest,

the fire somehow found a home


She was a blaze,

they couldn’t put her out

Always growing, reaching

Claiming her ground.

Oh, how he wants her,

So strong, alive,


He wants to get within her,

he wants the fire for himself.

The heat burns as they touch,

They all tell him NO!

But he wants it for himself,

So he wraps his arms,

around her,

Her fire begins to go out.

This is it,

Live or die,

She turns the heat up,

more than he

can bear.