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We approached this second edition of Anthology with confidence believing we had encountered every possible trauma relating to publication; we were wrong. However, each of the following has contributed to the successful completion of volume two and has helped preserve some semblance of our mental and emotional stability:

  • FMC of Stephenville, Texas, for their generous contribution which  provided $100 grants for the Editors’ Choice recipients
  • Mary Anne Foreman for again contributing her time and expertise photographing graphic arts submissions
  • Tarleton State University Student Services for Considering Anthology important enough to include it in their budgeted funding
  • Dr. Koy Floyd and the Advancement and External Relations staff for their interest in the successful promotion of Anthology
  • The Department of English and Languages for good humored congeniality
  • Tarleton State University Printing Center for technical assistance and professional advice
  • Tarleton State University Student Publications for making office space available for our staff
  • Mallory Young for financial, moral, and administrative support
  • Our students who have accommodated themselves to our hectic schedules
  • Our families for recognizing our belief that creative endeavors are worthy of sacrifice
Benadda Konvicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors