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Our Apple Pie

Jimmy Clark


If our fate is drawn in the dust,

and out path will never be changed,

Is the Calvin of old still laughing on high,

or crumbling in the rage?

If God took the world and colored it,

and if Adam once smiled at Eve,

Is the Darwin of old just smiling on high,

at all he chose to deceive?

If the red and the black died to be free,

and with that were joyfully wronged,

Is that King of a man still smiling on high,

to all who followed along?

If on that day when the smiles disappeared,

and the sky turned from blue into red,

Is the man with the trigger still crying on high,

at the rainbow draped over the dead?

If the winners we know have the power to choose,

and in their hands steer our fate,

Then the apple of earth is dead on the limb,

cause it’s filled with the worm of hate.