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Train of Dreams

J. Ann Davenport


I close my eyes and wait, allowing my senses to mesh with my surroundings. Smelling, listening, feeling, and seeing with my mind’s eye, scenes quite different that the reality that slowly begins to fade from around me.
            I relax in my first class seat on a train bound for infinity. It takes me through the countryside, past barns and fields and bales of hay stacked neatly beside man-made roads. As I look out my window, I see birds floating over a small body of water, searching for unsuspecting spiders. A frog jumps, making the water ripple. The wind gently blows as the green leaves in the trees sing. We continue on past intermittent farm houses, some newly built with red roofs and sturdy fences, other showing much age, even signs of abandonment. The sky holds no clouds, only a bright beautiful blue. The sun warms my face, and I smile at the beauty of this. I am content.
            A bell begins to ring from somewhere, and I search for its origin. The train starts to melt, my seat begins shaking, and I am spinning. The bell rings louder and my eyes open. Reluctantly, I turn off the alarm clock and roll out of bed, allowing the train to go on without me. I turn on the shower, and the warmth awakens my senses. I sigh a joyful sigh...I know I’ll ride that train again.