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Forever Peaceful

Christie L. Kuehl


Forever Peaceful 
(For my sister Cheryl and brother David who are deaf.)

Early morning dew,

Wild flowers underfoot,

The fresh scents are secrets,

Of the earth’s sweet perfume.

The long grass in a pasture,

Beautiful as it stretches and sways,

A peaceful scene from day one;

Nature’s own voiceless hush.

I like to watch the trees,

Hushed as they’re wind tossed,

Arched in green

With their own silent rhythms.

Birds, nature’s spirit,

Play the air,

On sky’s blue backdrop

In their own unspoken game.

Cattle grazing nearby,

Lift their lazy heads,

As I pass by;

Looking as if tongue tied.

High-cotton in a field,

Like little earth born clouds,

Light as a feather,

A show of kinship in heaven and earth.

This is when I feel,

And see peace;

The silent tranquility,

And thank you.

Being without sound,

Is a fine delicacy;

The not knowing,

Of clutterous sound.