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The Dream

Devin D. Maness


I’m running through this field of daisies, they’re all about shoulder high, I can barely see over them. I’m running from something, something that scared the hell out of me, but I didn’t know what. Then I’m running along the edge of this forest, the kind of forest you always see in those fairy tale movies. The wind is blowing from all directions, blowing dry leaves all around. Giving the illusion that the leaves are circle dancing on their own. The wind is cool to the touch and with each gust it nibbles on my cheek. I’m still running. If only I could pick up enough speed, maybe I can fly. (In my dreams I can fly, I free myself from that invisible hold the earth has on us all. When I fly in my dreams, I free myself from all things. Things that cause me pain, sadness, and anger. I am at peace.) Nothing happens, “Why can’t I fly?” I think to myself. Inside my head I can hear myself screaming in frustration. I stop running and look up to the sky, it’s a perfect blue with white, cotton ball clouds shooting across the sky. I throw my fists in the air and scream,
            “Why won’t you help me! Why won’t you set me free!” 
            The clouds start to slow down, they come to a complete stop. The wind is no longer blowing. The leaves have ceased to dance, they lay on the ground lifeless. I fall to my knees and bury my face in my fists, crying. All is silent, all is still. Then came the breeze, it’s warm, comforting and coming from the forest. I look up, my eyes are blurry from the tears, but I see someone, a woman, walking yet she seemed to be floating toward me. I’m still kneeling on the ground, and she’s standing over me; I haven’t the courage to look up. She sits down next to me and puts her arms around me, pulling my head into her lap. I look up at her and she down at me. Her eyes are those of an angel, innocent yet powerful. Her perfect brown hair blows in the wind, the wind that seems to start and stop within her. She moves her hands over my face and smiles. With that smile, I fall into a physical, mental and spiritual peace. Then came this voice, her voice, and she says to me, “I know your pain, I’ll take you away.”
            I awaken...